Elgin mall closing

This closing comes to a surprise to many as there hey have been at the Elgin Shopping Mall for 20+ years and this comes as a surprise as they have no idea where to go next.

“Most of us who are there are people who have been there since they opened more than 20 years ago, the sustenance for their families is from that place. People have been stabilized there for many years,” says Camacho.

Although the management of the shopping center reported that the tenants’ departure date is August 30, many consider that this is not enough time to relocate their businesses.

Attorney Jorge Montes, who is not involved in the case, says it would be difficult to delay the closing since commercial leases are different from residential ones.

“Commercial leases are governed by what the contract says,” explains Montes, who added that, although 30 days of notice is not enough for a business owner to find a place to relocate, it is important to know the clauses of the lease.

“It is very important that every merchant before signing a lease take the contract to a lawyer so that it can be reviewed and a clause can be implemented or included that says 30 days is not enough, we need 60 days, 90 days notice before closing. ”.

The unexpected closure would not affect the merchants but the community, clients like Oscar Calderón. “I bought clothes, shoes here and you owe toys for my nephew from time to time.”

On Monday, through a statement, the administration of Elgin Mall Inc. commented the following: 

“The landlord has opted to repossess the mall and has not indicated what plans he has for the property. The Elgin Mall, Inc. regrets the landlord’s decision, since it not only affected the tenant, but also many sub-tenants.”

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