Weber Genesis Smart Grill review: Built-in cooking smarts

Weber Genesis Smart Grill

MSRP $1,479.00


  • Nice design
  • Durable construct
  • Easy to light
  • Smart technology inbuilt
  • AC or Power bank option for smart module
  • Plenty of storage
  • Extra burner is handy


  • Cost?
  • Learning curve with Weber app
  • Assembly takes some time

Smart technology has come to almost every room of the smart home, so it’s  no surprise it has also come to the barbecue.

The Weber Genesis Smart Grill, model EX 325s is certainly one of these latest high-tech options. Weber sent me certainly one of the grills for just a few weeks of testing and trial. I checked out what this grill is able to, in addition to how well it cooks, how easy it’s to make use of, how the technology helps, and if I might recommend it.

2022 Weber Genesis Smart Grill: First, unpack and construct

Before you get to the fun stuff, you’ve to maneuver, unpack, and construct this grill. It took me about two hours, and there are a number of parts and components. Should you get frustrated by Ikea assembly, it is advisable to discover what your options are for an assembled model.

Wheeled cart, loads of storage

This model I received comes with a wheeled cart, and many storage underneath. There’s a two-door cupboard under the grill plus an optional side compartment for added grills, sheet pans, and other taller, narrower accessories just like the Weber Crafted line (more on that in a sec). On one side there’s a prep area and on the opposite a single burner for cooking with pots and pans.

Slide-out drip tray with liner

A well-executed feature of this BBQ is the massive slide-out drip tray with an included foil pan liner. The tray catches all of the drippings from the BBQ so there’s no fat dribbling out right into a rickety tin can that your dog can get at.

Weber Crafted cooking options

Weber will include a special, optional grate that permits you to integrate Weber Crafted cookware right on the grill. You may pick from a pizza stone, grill basket, griddle, wok, and more. We now have an inventory of cool grill gadgets for added inspiration.

I didn’t go for any of those extra pieces yet, so I’ll keep on with the BBQ basics.

Interior temperature sensor

Should you select the smart model grill, there’s an ambient temperature sensor under the lid that displays the temperature on the digital readout of the smart module.

Weber Smart Module

The Weber smart module on the Weber Genesis Smart Grill.

The Weber smart module is the control center on your BBQ and is integral for all of its features.

The display will be powered either using the included AC power cord or, should you don’t have power, you may easily connect an influence bank through the USB-C connection underneath. A small shelf underneath the counter and next to the smart module perfectly matches an influence bank.

With the module powered up, you’ll see the ambient temperature contained in the hood. It’s going to also show your food temperature and display a countdown timer.

On the front of the module are two ports for inserting your cooking probes.

Single wired cooking probe included

The BBQ comes with one wired Weber cooking probe — an internal-read meat thermometer — but you may buy an additional one should you like. The probe goes into the meat, while the opposite end connects to your BBQ module. These same probes work with the Weber iGrill3 portable smart module.

The Genesis BBQ can handle two probes for cooking two different cuts of meat at the identical time.

Weber Connect app

The Weber genesis smart grill iPhone app.

To get probably the most out of your grill, you wish the Weber Connect app.

The app will let you:

  • View the ambient temperature of the BBQ; perfect for knowing when it’s pre-heated.
  • Monitor a particular temperature when you desire to maintain a low-and-slow temp for an extended barbecue or smoker session.
  • You may check the status of your food, the inner temperature of your meat, or see how for much longer the app estimates your cooking will take.
  • Use Weber’s recipes and preset food programs.

Learning my way across the Weber Genesis EX 325s Smart Grill

There is unquestionably a learning curve with the technology on this BBQ. I’d estimate it took me just a few meals to actually get the texture for things.

I began with a chunk of salmon and opted to make use of Weber’s guided recipe program, selecting medium-well because the end result. The cook time was short but after I cut into the fish, it was definitely more well-done than medium-well.

I like my salmon medium and even rare, but within the Weber Connect app with the recipe program I selected, that wasn’t an option. I made a note to take one other have a look at the choices for fish in the long run.

Next I cooked a steak, medium-rare.

I placed the probe into the meat and put it on the grill. The app sent a push notification when it was time to flip it over.

When the app told me it was time to remove it and let it rest, I did, but after I cut into it it was more rare than medium-rare, for my part.

That is an excellent time to speak in regards to the alerts. For probably the most part, these alerts aren’t loud and even audible; they’re push notifications to the phone, and sometimes, they’re not immediate.

Alerts aren’t audible

Over the course of just a few cooks I experimented with the right way to get the app to play a loud sound or a hoop when it was time for something to come back off the grill, but I wasn’t capable of find anything that was effective, despite double-checking my notification settings.

I discovered it was obligatory to maintain my phone in front of me and to observe for the pop-ups. If I got distracted (which happens, after all) I’d miss them and risk overcooking my food.

That is a vital point to recollect with this grill: Simply because it has smart technology doesn’t mean you’re completely hands-off.

For instance, while the smart module and probe provides you with a reading to where the probe is seated, it’s as much as you to envision for doneness elsewhere, similar to you’d when cooking every other food at home.

Also, while the app will let you know when it thinks your food is prepared, you should be on alert otherwise you’ll miss your notifications.

You possibly can say this BBQ will get you 90% of the strategy to success with its design, heat, and smarts, but you continue to should be present and double-check to make sure food is cooked to the right temperature throughout.

Getting the hang of it

A pork tenderloin with a probe from the Weber Genesis Smart Grill plugged in.

By the point I cooked a fourth meal, a complete pork tenderloin, I used to be feeling rather more confident in each the grill and the tech.

With the pork prepped and probe in, it was time to cook. I watched the phone for the push notification to show the meat. The pork was flipped then finished off and rested, and I sliced into a wonderfully medium pork tenderloin that was moist and tender.

Burger time

For the ultimate cook before my review was due I opted to make hamburgers.

Before I began this recipe I checked my notifications settings and selected to enable Siri to read out notifications from the app, hoping that will give me a bit more of a hands-off option. That Siri-voiced alert never got here.

I also didn’t like that with a few of Weber’s pre-set recipes you may’t select the doneness level; the recipe recommends the way it needs to be cooked and that’s it.

In my case, my burgers got here off well done, so that they were food-safe, if a bit overcooked for my personal taste.

Do you wish a sensible grill?

Broccoli and meat on the Weber Genesis Smart Grill.

Do you actually need a sensible grill? There are other ways to get grilling smarts, without having to pay for them to be embedded. I’ll say this; should you’re searching for a higher-end Weber grill, it’s a couple of couple hundred dollars more so as to add within the smart module. You possibly can just pay the $120 or so for the add-on, freestanding Weber iGrill gadget, too, nevertheless it is good to have the tech inbuilt the grill.


The pricing on Weber grills varies wildly depending on the scale, variety of burners, whether you include the smart module, and the way much storage your model has. Plus, there are alternatives for each gas or propane. My version, the Weber Genesis Smart Grill, model EX 325s gas grill with three burners, extra storage, and smart module, sells for about $1,479.

Our take

There may be a lot to like about this grill. While I used to be actually glad to be done with the assembly, it’s doable for anyone with basic tool smarts. I like the design and all of the storage that comes with it; something I didn’t have with my old grill. The brand new Weber Genesis BBQ is durable and well made, and the grill grates don’t feel flimsy or low cost. I just like the option of plugging within the smart module to AC power or using an influence bank, since I haven’t any AC power near my grill area, and the Weber Connect app looks like it has a lot of recipes and options for nearly every cut of meat, in addition to vegetables and even fruit.

On the subject of downsides, the app alerts needs to be audible and immediate. You actually must be being attentive while you cook, as you could be should you were barbecuing with none smart technology.

There may be also a learning curve and I’d say it took me about 4 to 5 meals before I began feeling confident cooking with this grill. But now that I’m, I’m really comfortable with it.

Is there a greater alternative?

In my view, Weber is running the show on the subject of barbecues and smarts. They appear to be leading the market on the subject of selections and options, and as an organization with a fairly great and long-standing repute, you may trust in the total package here.

Should I purchase it?

Should you’re on the lookout for a latest grill on the higher-end side of the spectrum, with some extra smarts to enable you grill higher, then I can recommend the Weber Genesis smart grill to you. You can too take a look at our list of smart meat thermometers here.

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