Virgo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 11 – 1 7, 2022

Creativity, passion, romance? Why, yes please! Lucky for you, Virgo, the 12 months’s only Capricorn full (super)moon lands in your chart sector that governs all three of those things (the fifth house) on Wednesday, July 13, upping the love and fun in your life for the following six months. The “trick” is that your modest and sometimes retiring sign has to step out from backstage and meet the universe part way. When you occur to be (or WANT to be) a performer or artist, this lunation could spark one of the crucial sensational and productive times of the 12 months. This generally is a busy, social cycle, but you furthermore may need to make some extent of carving out quiet time on your individual to access your muse and process those downloads. The fifth house rules fame and encourages (smart) risk-taking and being a little bit flamboyant, so don’t shrink back from being a bit more dramatic than usual. Sure, it’s safer to paint contained in the lines, nevertheless it’s only while you push yourself and test your limits that you just discover the extent of your individual talent. In romantic relationships, see what happens when you take more of a lead role, whether within the pursuit of a latest love interest or sharing your deepest desires with bae. You’ll have a magnetic glow for the following two weeks, so let it shine!

Also on Wednesday, a more practical and grounded transit dominates the skies. Structured Saturn in your hard-working sixth house sends a supportive beam to values-driven Venus in your tenth house of profession and future plans. Cautious Saturn’s message, though, is to decelerate and step back far enough to reevaluate them. How realistic are they now, in light of all the pieces you’ve been though this 12 months? Where might you be overly ambitious or optimistic? What have you ever learned recently which may require you to shift and even “uplevel” those plans? Take time today to do a reality check to maintain yourself on the right track—and really affirm that that is the track you continue to wish to be ON. Systematic Saturn can allow you to put things to a sensible and doable plan, breaking things down into more manageable sub-tasks so that you not only stay focused but in addition motivated by each small win!

Starting the Sunday, you’ll get to see close up how teamwork makes the dream work. Whether you’re the leader or “just” one other player, it’s vital to ensure that the fitting individuals are in the fitting positions, playing to their strengths—and playing for a collective win! To the degree possible, be proactive about cutting loose any detractors, slackers or complainers and calling in uplifting, supportive friends and colleagues. When Venus makes her annual move into nurturing Cancer and your communal, tech-savvy eleventh house, there simply won’t be room for selfish or lazy people. Between now and August 11, life may feel like a nonstop festival. Chances are you’ll must be even MORE discriminating than usual, Virgo, because the fun available is nearly limitless. And since Venus rules the humanities, music and fashion—and the eleventh house rules humanitarianism—think more creatively, and consciously, about the way you spend your time, energy and money. You possibly can do a world of excellent while still having the time of your life.

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