Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker Are Reportedly Engaged

Vanessa Hudgens secretly took a giant step in her relationship with MLB player Cole Tucker, TMZ reports. A source near the couple told the outlet that the 2 are engaged, and Tucker proposed a while at the tip of 2022. Neither Hudgens nor Tucker have publicly confirmed the news yet. The couple has been dating since November 2020.

Hudgens often shares photos of Tucker on her Instagram:

And he does on his as well, although he’s a less frequent poster than Hudgens:

Hudgens spoke to Entertainment Tonight in April 2021 about how she met Tucker. “Me and Cole met on a Zoom meditation group. Very random, yes,” Hudgens said. “Zoom, you have to like it.”

“He’s just type of perfect for me. I’m [happy]. I actually am,” she added. “I feel that it is also so essential to remain grateful for all the pieces that you’ve gotten in life. I have been making that a priority, and I feel prefer it’s just been making magic occur all of the more.”

Hudgens previously dated actor Austin Butler for nine years. They broke up in January 2020 while Butler was filming Elvis. Their relationship got media attention again last month after Butler went viral for describing Hudgens as a “friend,” relatively than his partner, who encouraged him to hunt his Elvis role. Butler course corrected in a Los Angeles Times interview where its reporter asked him “to clear up” the story about who his “friend” was.

Butler cut in at that wording and said, “I used to be with my partner on the time.”

The reporter sought more explicit confirmation: “People have been saying you could have been with Vanessa Hudgens. In order that’s right?”

“That’s right,” Butler confirmed. “We’d been together for thus long and she or he had this form of clairvoyant moment and so I actually, I owe her lots for believing in me.”

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