Tineco Pure One S15 PET vacuum review: A chore no more

Tineco Pure One S15 PET vacuum review: A chore no more

MSRP $500.00

“Tineco Pure One S15 PET is a strong vacuum that’s built around mobility and flexibility.”


  • Cordless design
  • Included docking station
  • Versatile add-ons
  • Incredible cleansing power

Vacuums have seen heaps of innovation over the past few years, with robot vacuums, dual-purpose mop vacuums, and cordless vacuums all jockeying on your attention. The Tineco Pure One S15 PET falls into the latter category, serving as a cordless vacuum that’s angled toward pet owners — even though it’s a straightforward advice for each household.

With a sleek design, multiple nozzle attachments, and impressive cleansing power, the Tineco Pure One S15 PET is a flexible machine that makes it easy to capture every speck of dust from every nook and cranny. Its battery life leaves a bit to be desired, but that’s a small knock on an otherwise feature-complete vacuum.

Built for every little thing

Tineco dock with all attachments in place.Jon Bitner / Digital Trends

The Pure One S15 PET requires just just a few minutes of assembly before you’re able to roll. Simply click on the dual-tube assembly, pick your nozzle, and also you’re off to the races. It also comes with a nifty charging dock to carry the Pure One S15 when not in use, together with all its attachments.

These attachments are an enormous a part of why this Tineco is so successful. Not only does it include an ordinary vacuum attachment, but there’s also a dusting brush, crevice tool, and mini power brush — which is actually a smaller version of the usual vacuum for hard-to-reach spaces or fabric covered with pet fur. These all work exactly as intended, with no lack of suction across your entire repertoire.

The Pure One S15’s portable, cordless design makes vacuuming a breeze.

The usual vacuum attachment is a selected standout, because it’s engineered with ZeroTangle Technology, ensuring no hair — or other debris — gets caught within the brushes. I’ve been using the Tineco extensively for the past few weeks in a household stuffed with long-haired humans and molting doggos, and I’ve yet to have anything get trapped within the brushes. That’s a marked improvement from my old vacuum and legion of robot vacuums — which require constant detangling and maintenance.

The flexibility and thoughtful design don’t end there. Tineco also gives you the choice to show the Pure One S15 PET right into a handheld vacuum. With the press of a button, you possibly can easily remove the dual-tube assembly and transform the product right into a handheld powerhouse. Cleansing the inside of your automotive, getting crumbs out of couch cushions, or sucking up whatever’s lurking under your fridge is remarkably easy.

The Pure One S15’s portable, cordless design makes vacuuming a breeze no matter the way you’re using it, although it will possibly get a bit heavy during prolonged use. The battery pack and dustbin are situated in the back of the vacuum near your wrist, which suggests twisting, turning, or raising the nozzle above your head may be tiresome for marathon cleansing sessions. It’s a minor grievance, but one which’ll be noticeable in case you’re coming from a standard vacuum (which carries its weight near the underside) or another stick vacuums.

The LED display is straightforward, elegant, and effective.

However the Tineco Pure One S15 PET isn’t built for marathon cleansing sessions. The truth is, turned as much as maximum power, the device only runs for about 10 minutes. That may be substantially improved by leaving it on Auto, which can detect the suitable amount of suction for the job at hand and robotically change power as needed. Using this, you possibly can easily rise up to 40 minutes of runtime.

Sleek display and iLoop technology

Tineco vacuum in use with the iLoop display turned on.Jon Bitner / Digital Trends

The Pure One S15’s ability to modulate its suction is a results of the iLoop Smart Dust Sensor, which detects the degrees of dirt and mud to quickly adjust its power output. You’ll comprehend it’s working by sound alone (the vacuum is remarkably quiet unless it’s detected numerous debris), but there’s also a visible indicator built right into a futuristic-looking LED display. It will fluctuate from red to blue as a surface becomes clean, letting you realize in case you should give an area a second pass.

This LED display can also be where you’ll find the present battery level or other notifications. Quite frankly, it’s a stupendous display. Easy, elegant, and effective, the LED screen makes the Tineco feel just like the premium, $500 vacuum that it’s.

Five-stage filtration for a brisker home

Using the Tineco quick release to empty the dustbin.

A vacuum can look good and offer versatile form aspects, but all is for naught if it’s unsuccessful in cleansing your house. And while the S15 is each stylish and versatile, its cleansing prowess is arguably more impressive. Dirt is shipped through a five-stage filtration process, which incorporates a mesh filter, prefilter, and HEPA filter, which successfully captures every little bit of dust that comes barreling through its nozzles.

When you’re done cleansing for the day, the dustbin includes a contactless dump lever that’ll immediately empty all its contents. This works surprisingly well, although in case you overpack the bin with dog fur, it’ll get clumped and grow to be less more likely to work. In those instances, you’ll either need to gently tap the side of the bin or pull out the dirt yourself.

Regular maintenance is as easy as ensuring all filters are freed from dust, with the mesh filter, prefilter, and HEPA filter all being easily removable for a fast cleansing. There’s also a reasonably basic smartphone app that’ll help keep track of all of your cleansing.

Our take

The Tineco Pure One S15 PET is the one vacuum you’ll ever need. Powerful, versatile, and wireless for added convenience, it’ll turn this chore into the best task in your to-do list. Its battery is perhaps a bit weak for larger households, but that’s a small grievance about an otherwise feature-complete product.

Is there a greater alternative?

The Tineco Pure One S15 PET is arguably probably the greatest cordless vacuums available on the market. You may upgrade to an LCD screen and voice commands with the Pure One S15 Pro, or you possibly can try high-end models from Dyson just like the V8 Absolute. You’ll also need to peruse our list of one of the best vacuums for another ideas — although the Tineco Pure One S15 PET needs to be near the highest of your list.

How long will it last?

Your purchase comes with a two-year warranty, although regular maintenance and care should allow the Tineco to last for much longer. When treated with care, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this product last for a really, very very long time.

Must you buy it?

Yes. Its price tag is a bit hefty, but there’s little doubt that you simply’re getting what you pay for. The vacuum is really easy to make use of and so versatile that I’ve found myself vacuuming greater than I’d with a lesser product. So in case you need the motivation to rise up and clean, the Pure One S15 PET is the reply.

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