This ChatGPT scam duped hundreds of individuals into downloading

It seems that scammers have attempted to take advantage of the recognition of the ChatGPT AI text generator, which has been an internet sensation for several weeks.

The completely free browser-based platform developed by OpenAI has been the talk of the web space and works by providing you with an in depth, human-like response to a straightforward command or query has been considered a possible successor to the Google search engine.

Nonetheless, nefarious players have already taken to mobile app stores to attempt to market versions of the platform for smartphones, in keeping with Gizmodo.

Particularly, an app called “ChatGPT Chat GPT AI With GPT-3″ has surfaced on the Apple App store with an exorbitant price of $8 weekly subscription after a three-day trial. You furthermore mght have the choice to pay a $50 monthly subscription, which the publication notes is even dearer than the weekly cost.

Despite its cost and the app not being affiliated with OpenAI, the copycat platform had proved popular throughout the downloads of Apple App Store’s productivity category, rating fifth ahead of Google Docs. The app was also rated 4.6 rating out of 5 with over 13,000 rankings and uses the unique ChatGPT logo to spice up its credibility. TechCrunch also reported of a fake text-generator that appeared on Google’s Play Store, but it surely was taken down before it could reach 100,000 downloads.

The ChatGPT dupe has since been faraway from the Apple App Store because it gained media attention; nevertheless, many have been left wondering the way it even passed the corporate’s app review process in the primary place. In line with MacRumors, the app was launched three weeks ago, and had loads of time to garner this many rankings and comments on its quality.

Many users reported several of the identical complaints which are seen in regards to the browser version of ChatGPT, including that the chatbot fills in not-quite-correct information as a solution to a question. Moreover, users have challenged the worth, the dearth of a support team, and sending out too many notifications.

Most significantly, though, the true version of ChatGPT available on the net is totally free to make use of, though, so there’s no reason in any way to pay for a separate subscription at the present moment.

Nonetheless, it is probably going due to the final excitement surrounding ChatGPT, which has been occasionally “at capability,” forcing people to attend to achieve access. It might be that individuals decided to pay for the app as a way of attempting to cut the road.

While the saga of this particular ChatGPT mobile app may be over, there’s word that there will likely be an official OpenAI iOS app sometime in the longer term. Enterprise capitalist and podcaster, Jason Calacanis recently shared on a LinkedIn post that he has gotten access to a beta version of the app but didn’t share further details.

For now, the simplest technique to access ChatGPT in your smartphone is to load the AI text generator in your mobile browser.

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