The Recent Gucci Guilty Campaign Stars Julia Garner, A$AP Rocky, and Elliot Page

Julia Garner, A$AP Rocky, and Elliot Page walk onto a set…

It feels like the start of some sort of story with a funny punchline, nevertheless, it’s actually the start of the brand new Gucci Guilty Pour Femme and Pour Homme fragrances campaign. Today, March 1st, welcomes a latest era of Gucci Guilty, with Garner, Rocky, and Page stylishly leading the way in which (all while smelling good, too). The campaign is an ode to self-acceptance, friendship, and love in all its forms—making the trio the right mix to personify its message. Each star has passed through their very own massive period of growth prior to now few years: Garner, each a Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actress catapulting into the highlight; Page, an Oscar nominated actor, director, and producer forging his own path and shortly, to inform his story, via an upcoming memoir; and Rocky, a Grammy Award nominated musician, who recently became a father.

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Via the campaign, the star-studded trifecta co-create a world of open-hearted bliss and share moments of connection which are captured on camera. They stare upon one another—truly seeing each other, creating an ambiance of ease and care inside a secure space. “On this space of imagination, they have a good time the countless iterations of affection, embodying complete self-acceptance and showing how openness unleashes the purest type of expression,” Gucci explains via press release.

julia garner for gucci guilty campaign

Courtesy of Gucci

“I met each of them for the primary time on that shoot, but it surely didn’t feel prefer it. Throughout the first ten minutes, it felt like all of us knew one another for a very long time,” reveals Garner on her campaign co-stars before adding, “Humor is such an enormous quality for me, and so they each have such an ideal humorousness. It was such a special memory.” The synergy within the video and the shoot shows the connection, the vibe—something, regardless of how good of an actor you’re, you may’t force. Paige shares, “I had never done a campaign before, so I felt a tad shy firstly to be honest, but Rocky and Julia are the loveliest people, and upon meeting them, my nerves evaporated. They’re big-hearted, kind, sincere, hilarious, and grounded.” The song, Life Is But A Dream plays within the background because the three dance, laugh, and easily be with each other. Something that given their level of stardom, is most certainly more a privilege than a regularity. Combined, the three have over 23M followers on Instagram—almost thrice the population of Recent York City. Rocky states, “It just felt normal. It didn’t feel like I used to be with two other celebrities, I didn’t feel like a celeb.”

gucci guilty campaign imagery of the fragrance bottles

Courtesy of Gucci

Featured within the campaign and commercial are Gucci Guilty Eau de Parfum Pour Femme, an energizing, spicy, and refreshing scent featuring notes of pink pepper, lilac, and Mediterranean Mandora citrus, with a powerful, warm base of amber and patchouli. It quietly commands your attention. The Ying to its Yang, Gucci Guilty Eau de Parfum Pour Homme generates a deep sensuality, embracing a base of patchouli, leather, and incense, while deviating from a conventional male scent profile with uplifting notes of orange blossom and neroli. And though the bottles are binary, the fragrances themselves usually are not, interchangeable between the sexes with the scents marinating and marrying with individual pheromones, versus a gender profile. “I prefer the female one,” Rocky reveals unabashedly. He continues, “To me, the liquid in here smells higher on my body,” as he holds up the shimmering gold bottle where Gucci Guilty Eau de Parfum Pour Femme resides.

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Credit: Macy’s Guilty Pour Femme Eau de Parfum, 1.6-oz.

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In my head, I applaud this declaration, particularly because the musician has recently been the subject in public discourse and memes, regarding his role in his relationship together with his billionaire girlfriend, or “lady” as he affectionately calls her. I inquire about how he doesn’t succumb to the societal pressures of gender roles and being, “A$AP Rocky is overly confident and that’s the issue,” he says of himself, speaking within the third person, which is peak major character energy. He continues, “Some people may say I’m delusional, but I’m just comfortable. I don’t really care about anybody else’s preconceived notions of what they think I ought to be doing or how I should carry myself. I’m comfortable in my very own skin.” He agrees with me regarding the fluidity of the fragrances, “I actually appreciate the undeniable fact that this seems genderless. It’s not likely ‘his’ or ‘hers’—it’s all of ours and I just like the undeniable fact that I’m a component of that.”

a$ap rocky for gucci guilty campaign 2023

Courtesy of Gucci

And in fact, it’s not an interview with the style killa himself, if style doesn’t come up. When asked about what sort of impact and legacy he’s attempting to make within the industry, he shares his desire to disrupt all categories. I’m pleased. Disrupters are changemakers and alter is what we want to maneuver the culture forward. “After I buy groceries, I don’t really prefer to go into the lads’s departments. I’m going to women’s because most men won’t shop there. Subsequently, I’ll have exclusive pieces, so to talk. They [men] aren’t gonna fuck with the women’ section. So I’m going over there and get some pieces that may fit and call it a day,” he reveals, putting me onto fashion game. I make a mental note that the subsequent time I’m in Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales, to peruse the lads’s section. It has nothing to do with fluidity and every thing to do with fashion. Style is genderless. Page shares with me, he prefers the masculine scent—“I just like the earthiness of it, the balance and the notes that give it that sensual vibe,” he ruminates, “The cedarwood, perhaps?”

elliot page for gucci guilty campaign 2023

Courtesy of Gucci

As I easily seek advice from each Rocky and Paige in regards to the fragrance, I can’t help but wonder why it is so difficult for some to know gender identity and its complexities—much like the layers of notes that make up a fragrance. I mention to Paige how Bella Ramsey recently made headlines for navigating the subject of gender identity and ask what advice or suggestions he has for any young person navigating the highlight and even day-to-day and their identity. “My advice could be to like yourself with your whole might. You don’t have to have all of the answers instantly and nobody should pressure you to present them. Determining who you’re while so many are watching, offering their thoughts and opinions, might be not only difficult, but dangerous and painful. It’s important to be gentle and sort with yourself. If you’ve gotten individuals who you trust and may turn to for support, try this, community changes the sport and also you usually are not alone,” he answers, his words feeling like a warm hug. He adds, “I tortured myself for therefore long with toxic questions stemming from internalized transphobia/queerphobia, holding myself back, as a substitute of letting go of all that noise, taking a deep breath, and allowing myself to completely exist within the here and now.”

And in case you thought the conversation couldn’t get any higher, it does. Keep reading to find more in regards to the stars’ guilty pleasures, favorite scent memories, and more.

Do you’ve gotten a favourite scent memory?

JG: My mom is of German descent. She’s not the most effective cook, but certainly one of the things she will be able to cook is schnitzel. It’s not a fragrance, but it surely’s certainly one of my first scent memories’ and I associate it with home.

AR: It’s pretty random. It jogs my memory of my elementary school teacher. Each time I smell coffee and perfume within the morning, I just take into consideration labor and fluorescent lights and catching school buses and just terrible things that you just don’t wish to do within the morning if you’re a toddler. For probably the most part, it [the scent of coffee] brings me back to my childhood each time. In elementary school, everybody—the teachers, the principals, had coffee breath. Mix that with the fragrance of perfume and that’s my first-grade teacher right there.”

EP: My favorite scent memory is after I would steal a few of my brother’s cologne from his room after I was a bit kid.

Gucci Guilty—what’s your guilty pleasure?

JG: Oh man, (laughs), yeah—anything Real Housewives. That’s my guilty pleasure. Anything really bad reality TV. Everybody all the time asks me, ‘Well, you’re in such great television—what do you watch?’ And it’s like, do you actually wanna know?!

Do you’ve gotten a favourite franchise or favorite housewife?

JG: “Probably Beverly Hills. I also like Orange County since it’s the unique. I like all of them. All of them feel like my weird family that I never see. Favorite housewife? Probably Erica Jayne.

EP: Fancy hotel rooms are a guilty pleasure. I’ve been so spoiled with this job and all of the places it has taken me.

AR: A guilty pleasure of mine is the undeniable fact that I’m a grown man and I like cartoons and cereal. I’m a cartoon connoisseur. I live for cartoons and animation. I feel it means that you can never stop imagining. It helps you create. Fascination is essential. You may’t really execute anything wonderful without imagining or dreaming about it first.

Speaking of cartoons, you’ll be watching plenty of them in the approaching years together with your son. What was it like—how did you are feeling if you saw your son for the primary time?

AR: It was amazing. It’s unexplainable. I can never describe what it’s prefer to be a first-time father. It’s like certainly one of those clubs that you just hope to get a membership to. And at last, the one approach to explain it’s to be a component of it. But it surely’s nothing like seeing your child for the primary time.

What scent reminds you most of home and why?

EP: The smell of the ocean, the lingering seaweed, the salt within the air, it all the time transports me back to Nova Scotia where I’m from. “Canada’s Ocean Playground,” it says on the license plates.

JG: When I feel of France, for instance, Paris, I take into consideration all those flower shops and also you sort of can smell it on the road, after which after I take into consideration Recent York—it doesn’t. I’m from Recent York originally so it actually has a terrible smell, but I still find it irresistible since it smells like Recent York. Like right if you get out of JFK, you sort of just… >>inhales deeply<< It’s such a selected smell and I find it irresistible.

Rocky, do you’ve gotten a scent that reminds you most of Rihanna?

AR: Yeah, her. She has this smell. She smells like…Fenty something.

>>We each laugh<<

AR: She smells great.

Elliot, I’d like to know what ending you ought to see to your character in Umbrella Academy.

EP: Well, plenty of the plot later this season remains to be a mystery to me. I ultimately just hope that Viktor continues to feel more solid and comfy in himself.

Julia, what’s your favorite role you’ve played and why?

JG: That’s such a tough query. Probably Ruth. But additionally Anna Delvey was a tremendous role, for various reasons. Anna was more fun to play. It was a fun part. Ruth was—I learned a lot from Ruth but I also think I learned from her because after I began playing Ruth, I used to be in my early 20s. I ended the show in my late 20s. So I grew up together with her in a way, so I learned together with her.

With playing Anna, you needed to have an accent. Do you’ve gotten a favourite accent to do? And what was it like preparing for that accent?

JG: The Anna accent might be my favorite since it’s hilarious. And it was just a lot fun to say anything in that accent, however the prep for that was the toughest accent prep I’ll ever do in my whole profession. 1,000%. I do know that since it’s such a mix of accents. I don’t even really know what the accent is, to be honest.

A scammer’s accent!

JG: No—what number of Europeans do you meet which are from throughout? It’s that international accent, which is difficult to do.

Eliott, what’s your favorite outfit you’ve got enjoyed wearing this chapter in your life?

2022 lacma art film gala

Robert Smith//Getty Images

EP: I loved the Gucci suit I wore to the LACMA Gala. The best way it looks, the way in which it fit. Who knew one could feel so good in a suit?

*This interview has been condensed for publication purposes.

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