The Launch: July’s Hottest Fashion Drops

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“Summertime, and the livin’s easy.” The style set is taking Sublime’s iconic lyrics to heart this season with fun, vacation-ready launches from throughout, including, after all, the Hamptons. And similar to every month, we’re rounding up every little thing and anything you could have to find out about, from store openings to the buzziest of the buzzy collaborations, so make certain to ascertain back as July continues.

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Chanel Opens Ephemeral Boutique in East Hampton

Who: Chanel

What: Summer pop-up boutique

Where: East Hampton, Latest York

Why: It’s no secret that the Hamptons is a retreat for the Latest York elite, and Chanel is moving out east with the pack for the summer. The brand’s boutique in East Hampton marries the beachside flavor of the East End with its unmistakable Parisian flair. Contained in the classic cedar-shingled facade you’ll find pieces from the Métiers d’Art 2021-2022 collection alongside Coco Beach offerings, so that you’re covered from day to nighttime. Our pick? Chanel’s newest handbag, the CHANEL 22, which works as a beach tote just in addition to an on a regular basis carryall (you understand, on your morning schlep to the Barn).


Max Mara Presents Resort 2023 Show in Lisbon

Who: Max Mara

What: Resort 2023 runway show

Where: Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon, Portugal

Why: Max Mara brought its latest destination runway show to Lisbon, home to progressive and romantic ideas of art, fashion, and culture. But mainly, the brand is committed to supporting the attractive Calouste Gulbenkian Museum by helping with renovations of its 18th-century French art galleries. The stunning Brutalist architecture and luxurious gardens of the museum provided the proper backdrop for the designs, which drew inspiration from a Nikias Skapinakis painting present in revolutionary poet Natália Correia’s collection. Correia’s modern version of femininity was an enormous influence throughout, seen especially in colourful and flouncy floor-length skirts. The accessories pay homage to lenços dos namorados, or “sweetheart handkerchiefs,” which Portuguese lovers used to stitch for his or her significant others. These affectionate embroideries are reimagined as crystal brooches and prints; local artisans can even work alongside the brand to create T-shirts emblazoned with Max Mara’s tackle love notes. These efforts all illustrate the general message of the gathering: vai lenço feliz. Translation: go scarf pleased (and do it in style).


Salvatore Ferragamo Introduces Nomadic Stories Footwear Capsule

Who: Salvatore Ferragamo

What: Nomadic Stories footwear collection

Where: Available online at and in Salvatore Ferragamo stores

Why: Salvatore Ferragamo knows that we’re itching to get back on the road, and the brand, as is its wont, desires to make sure that we achieve this in style. The newest collection of flats and sandals are expertly made in Italy together with your comfort and suitcase in mind. Each pair is super flexible, ready for a day’s value of sightseeing without worrying about blisters, and is ergonomically designed to take up as little space as possible when packing. Here’s to creating room for an additional dress (or three) on your next summer getaway.

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