The Gigi Hadid You Don’t Know

Top, R13, $195. Bodysuit, Isabel Marant, $1,965. Over- the-knee socks, Free People, $28. Opal bracelet, Fry Powers, $495. Tennis bracelet, Tiffany & Co.


What if there was a distinct Gigi Hadid, an alternate one? Where this one veered right—signing to IMG while still at Malibu High, then closing fashion shows and fronting ad campaigns—the opposite might need turned to the left. “I could have played volleyball in college and been a coach,” she says. Or a lifetime love of art could have became a theme park profession: “I actually have this fantasy of working for Disney Imagineering.” What would have remained the identical? She’d still obsess over documentaries. She’d have the identical intense work ethic, quiet goofy side, deep love of family, and desire to learn. The qualities which might be evident in our intimate conversation, those that those that know her love most. Really, isn’t that where the true Gigi lies?

This yr has given Hadid the possibility to seek out ways of working that help her feel whole—and the flexibility to indicate the world elements of herself that haven’t made it into the photos. Last fall, Hadid, 27, launched Guest In Residence, a line of cashmere classics with a spin, built around the concept key staples meant to be kept and worn for years are inherently sustainable. The business allows her to construct on what she’s learned collaborating with design legends and mentors like Tommy Hilfiger and Donatella Versace (a fellow Taurus, she notes). It also offers her a routine and consistency, something she didn’t have before but realized she needed. The lockdown and the birth of her daughter Khai, now two, gave her time to significantly consider how a profession reset could improve her life. “I got pregnant and I actually began to take into consideration what I wanted after, when the world opened back up. It kept coming back to simply a more stabilized schedule where I’m not in a distinct country every week. This could be very stabilizing. I actually have an office that I come to. I do know everyone here. I don’t must look a certain approach to show up. It’s a distinct experience for me, and it was the suitable time because I used to be ready for that,” she says, seated in her downtown Manhattan office, wearing a loose Guest In Residence top with jeans and Ugg boots. (Someday earlier, she was wearing a sequined top, poised on a construction beam high over Manhattan in a photograph shoot for Maybelline Recent York.)

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Dress, Guest In Residence. Elsa Peretti necklace, $6,800, ring, $2,200, Tiffany & Co.

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“I at all times loved being in creative group environments,” she says. She points to a protracted, tall table and explains that she specifically asked for that style in her office, “because I wanted that to feel like my highschool art class tables.” She lives nearby and stops in even without meetings on the slate. The remainder of her team will tell her to scram, she jokes.

Guest In Residence consists of a set of core pieces that sit alongside seasonal capsules. The road includes pants and underpinnings, together with cardigans and pullovers, and echoes Hadid’s own laid-back style. “All of them have a way of simplicity to them that I need at all times to give you the chance to combine with the lifestyles and styles and personalities of various people of various ages. I believe that what all of those people would have in common is a desire to specific themselves. I believe and hope that different people can find themselves in several pieces,” she says.

gigi hadid

Top, $4,025, bikini bottom, $125, bracelet, $5,150, rings, from $1,500, Hermès.

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As a founder and artistic director, Hadid considers Versace a job model for her ability to be “a boss without being rude, ever.” In turn, Versace calls her family. “She has incredible presence as a lady, an inner strength that shines inside her,” she says. “She can also be one among the kindest women I do know, and family is so necessary to her—prefer it is to me.” Hilfiger, who worked with Hadid on a series of Tommy x Gigi capsule collections, has similar praise: “Throughout her profession, she’s had so many incredible achievements, nevertheless it’s her kind personality and down-to-earth energy which have made her stand out from the remainder.” He adds that he’s not surprised to see her leading her own brand.

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Jumpsuit, Fendi, $3,750. Necklace, Hermès. Ring, Hotlips by Solange, $290.

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On March 3, Hadid will begin her first prolonged on-camera experience when she joins the second season of Next in Fashion, which she’ll host alongside Tan France. She’s a reality competition completist (she’s watched all the pieces from Blown Away to Lego Masters, and he or she won a celeb edition of MasterChef), and France is a friend, so “it felt like a secure place for me to make the leap,” she says. “But Netflix was difficult on me. They really put me through an audition process. I respected that, and it made me feel good after I got the job. I felt like I had earned it of their eyes, and in order that gave me the arrogance to go for it. You get a way of impostor syndrome and also you’re like, ‘Okay, are they simply giving me this show because I actually have loads of followers?’ The proven fact that they really questioned my intentions for being on the show helped me jump into it headfirst. In the event that they think that I can do it, then that offers me more confidence than perhaps I might’ve had otherwise.” The show has helped draw out seemingly hidden traits in Hadid as well: “People say I’m funny. I don’t know, but I believe that the more time I’m given, then the more I’m in a position to be goofy.”

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Sweatshirt, Undercover. Transient, Loro Piana, $300. Bracelets, Fry Powers, from $325. Tennis bracelet, Tiffany & Co.

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After nearly a decade in the general public eye, Hadid continues to be navigating the best way the world perceives her. Through sharing snippets of her life, she has created a web based following (currently at 76.7 million on Instagram) that, arguably, has helped secure her place in fashion. But that success has also led to outsize fame that’s made her a goal for paparazzi and gossip. Her experience co-parenting with Zayn Malik, her former partner and Khai’s father, has been shown via the prism of the media in addition to Instagram. Landing the tricky balance between discretion and disclosure that fame requires is a matter of trial and error that she’s been fine-tuning for nearly a decade. “I’ve had early experiences where you find out how the world reacts if you share things in certain ways. Sometimes you simply leave something feeling such as you were taken out of context. Or simply feel such as you revealed an excessive amount of, and it was taken advantage of. Whatever those learning-the-hard-way experiences are, you grow a certain skin,” she says.

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Top, $2,600, transient, $525, Miu Miu. Socks, Loro Piana, $825. Ring, Bulgari, $3,150.

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She’s reached a level of understanding that her life generates headlines. What helps her get through the scrutiny and criticism is “realizing that nothing really matters. Serena Williams once told me, ‘Nothing stays within the press longer than three weeks.’ You possibly can feel like your life is ending,” Hadid notes, but “if it’s a mistake, then it can pass. I believe it’s about not taking yourself that seriously and being like, ‘After I am on my deathbed, I’m not going to keep in mind that one awkward interview from after I was 19.’”

So, I ask her, what’s it that you simply wouldn’t find out about her from the headlines or social media posts? She pauses and, unexpectedly, her eyes well with tears.

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Transient, Guest In Residence, $175. Socks, Loro Piana, $825.

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“What does the world not find out about me? I don’t know. I’m getting emotional [thinking about it]. I believe that I’m someone who you will have to be in front of to experience. It’s not hard. This isn’t a grievance. It’s more that in my job, you see loads of snapshots,” she says. She wipes away the tears and kindly excuses my apology for bringing them on. “No, it’s high quality. Apparently, I needed to say it. There are loads of snapshots and really quick moments where, again, there’s not loads of context given.” She adds that she sees her Next in Fashion gig as a probability to open up in a gradual way and show more of herself than what comes across in paparazzi photos. For the primary time in her profession, she says, “I went to the identical studio for a month, with the identical 100-person crew. You actually feel that sense of community that I believe I’ve been wanting, and that actually brings out a [sense of comfort] and the time and space and screen time to indicate yourself.”

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Bunny balaclava, $525, sweater, $590, culottes, $690, Ambush. Rings (on hands and toes), Fry Powers, $225 each. Rings, Cartier, from $1,240. Ring, Hotlips by Solange, $290.

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Therapy has helped each Hadid and her sister, Bella, address experiences in modeling and of their background that they may not understand in the identical way: “There are various things that we probably each take care of on different sides, but there’s at all times going to be something that comes together.” Hadid has learned that she will set standards for a way she expects to be treated. “Setting boundaries, even when that’s with the paparazzi—going over and saying, ‘Hey, what’s up? I do know we’ve seen one another from across the road for five years, but after I’m with my kid, please don’t point the camera this manner.’ Sometimes you will have to be assertive, and that doesn’t mean that it’s rude. It’s setting a boundary.”

She has physical limits as well, and her health has required her to be clear about them. In 2016, Hadid spoke about having Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder that impacts the thyroid, causing fatigue and trouble regulating body temperature, and he or she’s had to create space in her workday to administer it. “I’m normally taking a nap during my lunch breaks, and I’ll eat my lunch after I’m retouching hair and makeup after. It’s just something that I’ve needed to take care of over time. Sometimes it’s higher than other times,” she says. “When it’s a very cold shoot, it takes loads of time for my body to get well temperature-wise, and it may well make me shaky.” Shoots in the warmth may take their toll on her. “One in all the boundaries I actually have is that I actually have to inform my team when I want rest. They’ve at all times been understanding and inspiring of that, after which besides that, I believe I’ve just learned to make it work for me, and what helps me get through the day and do my best.”

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Top, shorts, Marni. Socks, Loro Piana, $825. Necklace, Fry Powers, $895. Necklace, Bulgari, $4,450.

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It’s her daughter Khai who can see Hadid from all angles, she insists. “She obviously sees me in every state and way, and whether she knows it or not, I’m going through and learning through life together with her. I believe that she has a very realistic form of 24/7, around-the-clock view. We’re up chatting in the midst of the night if she’s up; we’re talking about, I don’t know, random stuff, nevertheless it’s fun,” she says. “Having a daughter, even though it shifted my life to make me really need to feel more settled, has also really made me appreciate the chaos as well. Being at shows and shoots and just being in town again; being around friends [after] becoming a mom, with everyone also coming out of COVID—I actually have an appreciation for either side of it.”

One last query before a flight to Paris: What does she still need to find out about? She doesn’t skip a beat. “All the things.” Her face is stuffed with light.

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Gigi Hadid wears a bra, transient, and arm warmers from Guest In Residence, shorts from Polo Ralph Lauren, and hoop earrings from Cartier. For Hadid’s makeup look, try Nudes of Recent York Eyeshadow Palette, Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm, and Lash Sensational Sky High Washable Mascara in True Brown. All, Maybelline Recent York.

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Hair by Bob Recine; makeup by Kanako Takase for Addiction Beauty; manicure by Honey at Exposure NY; set design by Peter Klein at Frank Reps; produced by Katie Fash and Layla Néméjanski.

This text appears within the March 2023 issue of ELLE.



Adrienne Gaffney is an editor at ELLE who previously worked at WSJ Magazine and Vanity Fair.

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