The Best Street Style From Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring 2023

Darrel Hunter

Sometimes, what you see on the road is even higher than what you see on the runway. It’s admittedly an in depth call at Copenhagen Fashion Week, where Scandinavian style permeates the sidewalks, bike lanes, and collections by cult-favorite designers like Ganni, Rotate, and Saks Potts, to call just just a few. The difference is almost inconceivable to tell apart, especially when you concentrate on how sustainable, trendy, available, and infinitely wearable every bit is. You may debate all of it you wish, but one thing is of course: the style at Copenhagen Fashion Week is a sight to behold. From vests and exposed midriffs to dresses and skirts layered over pants, these are looks you’ll desperately wish to recreate, wherever you reside.

Here, ELLE tapped photographer Darrel Hunter to capture what the good editors, influencers, models, and Scandi girls are wearing around Copenhagen. Make sure that to circle back—we’ll be updating this gallery as CPHFW continues.

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