The Best Jewelry Moments on the Oscars

Nicole Kidman, 1997

“Ask anyone for the perfect jewelry red carpet moments in Oscar history and Nicole Kidman wearing chartreuse Galliano and Indian Moghul jewelry in 1997 will top the list. At all times. Martin Katz, whose jewelry showcases a number of the world’s most exceptional stones, was working with vintage jewelry so much at the moment. He remembers the moment that modified what it meant to take risks on the red carpet. “That photo of Nicole with then husband Tom Cruise was one probably the most iconic Oscars photos ever taken. It continuously appeared for a lot of, a few years and I still see it pop up today. At the moment I worked so much with famed stylist L’Wren Scott who did all of Nicole’s fashion styling and a number of other other celebrities. When L’Wren fist showed me the Galliano gown she selected for Nicole to wear, she asked if I had long ruby earrings to pair with it. Nonetheless, as soon as I saw it, I told L’Wren I had a greater idea. I used to be still working with vintage jewelry (in addition to designing) and I owned an impressive set of original Moghul Indian jewelry. As soon as I showed her the earrings and an identical pair of bracelets it was the plain alternative and all of us were thrilled with the alternative. The inlayed enamel colours in the jewellery perfectly accented the Chartreuse-like color of the robe as you’ll be able to see within the photos.” And the remaining, as they are saying, is Oscar jewelry history.”—Stellene Volandes, Town & Country’s Editor-in-Chief

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