The 12 Best Brushes For Curly Hair

What must you search for in a curly hair brush?

“Search for a brush that’s gentle with flexible bristles to avoid tugging on the hair. Boar bristles are preferred because they’re soft and mild, but should you’re choosing synthetic bristles (i.e. plastic or nylon), be looking out for ones with rounded suggestions that won’t cause breakage,” says Clark. Rëzo notes that boar bristles are great for smoothing out textured hair, while nylon bristles are great for detangling. Nylon bristled brushes can be used to define curls before diffusing or air drying.

What must you avoid in a curly hair brush?

“It’s best to attempt to avoid brushes with those scalp massaging balls on the tip,” says Clark. “They’ll potentially get tangled in your curls and cause more knots.” Similarly, Rëzo recommends avoiding brushes which have a whole lot of tension as they could cause breakage.

What’s the perfect brush for 3A-4C hair?

“I might all the time use a wide-tooth comb and even try finger detangling your hair for a more gentle approach,” says Clark. “Tightly coiled hair is essentially the most liable to breaking and snapping since it’s naturally dry and compact to the top.”

How often must you brush curly hair?

Rëzo recommends only brushing curly hair once every week on wash days. Clark has the same approach, as he suggests brushing every three to seven days depending in your wash schedule.

Do you have to brush your hair when it’s wet or dry?

Each experts recommend brushing curly hair only when it’s wet or damp, so it’s easier to detangle. This manner you’ll avoid damage and frizz. Rëzo says “it’s ideal to brush your hair within the shower, in the course of the conditioning and detangling process since the conditioner allows bristles to simply glide through, but only do that should you are using a wet brush for detangling.”

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