Taurus Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 29 – September 4, 2022

Ask, receive, imagine, Taurus! Fortune favors the Bull this Thursday, September 1, because of a flowing alignment of go-getter Mars and lucky Jupiter. But you don’t JUST should put your horns down and plow after the goal this time. With Jupiter working its magic in your twelfth house of “earth angels,” match your industrious efforts with daring requests. VIPs who’ve seen you in motion these days could also be impressed and able to back your efforts with their resources. What there’s to do that week, Taurus, is screw up the courage to initiate those varieties of conversations. On the very least, you’ll walk away with some sage advice, which may direct your next moves.

Near the top of the workweek, make sure that that your savvy structures don’t turn into unyieldingly rigid prisons. Process-driven Mercury locks horns with philosophical Jupiter, reminding you that flexibility about a few of the details might be useful, especially if you should differentiate yourself from the competition. Take a bit time so as to add back within the bells and whistles you chopped out while on a downsizing tear. Then, step back and observe. Jupiter in your soulful twelfth home is blowing the whistle on stress. Take a pause to meditate, hit a morning yoga class and absorb some artistic inspiration before you resume productivity. Divinely inspired visions need to flow in, Taurus, and relaxing will assist you be an open channel for that otherworldly guidance.

As a hardworking, financially responsible Taurus, it’s necessary to know that your money is working hard for YOU! You possibly can get more information, advice or anything you would like on Saturday, when a visionary Sagittarius quarter moon lights up your eighth house of long-term wealth. While diligently socking away funds is a great start, you’ll have to be (even) savvier about growing your money. There aren’t any hard and fast rules: It’s all about your lifestyle goals and luxury level with risk. But little “hacks,” like having a hard and fast amount robotically deposited right into a special account, will help bypass the human temptation pitfalls. For the reason that eighth house also rules emotional mergers, a fledgling relationship could get upgraded to official status. Couples could take a giant next step, perhaps involving keys or jewelry—or have a serious discuss things which might be lacking in the connection. Single? Concentrate on the qualities you would like in a partner, and once you vibe them in someone, see if there’s magic there. Just remember: All relationships have their ups and downs, and in the event you care enough about someone, you’ve got to be willing to ride out the bumpy challenges.


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