Selena Gomez and Drew Taggart Are Reportedly ‘Very Into Each Other’

Selena Gomez can have tried to personally shut down rumors that the Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart is her latest boyfriend last month, but sources spoke to Us Weekly and Entertainment Tonight in regards to the two’s ongoing relationship.

A source still described their dynamic as romantic to Us Weekly. “Selena and Drew have a tremendous connection,” the source said. “They’re so blissful to have gone with their guts and jumped in to present this a try.” The source added that they are “each very into one another.”

Entertainment Tonight’s source kept it a bit more ambiguous, saying, “Selena and Drew are having a whole lot of fun together. Drew is basically blissful around Selena, and Selena is into Drew too. They’ve connected over their love of music, being in the identical industry, and their strong work ethic.”

“Drew appreciates that Selena understands his life,” the source continued. “Things are going well between them.”

On January 18, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Gomez and Taggart were “dating and things are still latest. [They] met through mutual friends in a friendly, low-key way, but had an easy connection and liked one another as people.”

The source added that following that meeting, the 2 “have been talking ever since and so they’re into one another. [They’re] having a lot fun attending to know each other.”

Gomez and Taggart were photographed holding hands while leaving dinner on January 21. On January 19, Gomez posted after which immediately deleted an Instagram Story with “I like being alone an excessive amount of,” written on it. She added in her own text box, “#iamsingle.” She has not made any comments on the Taggart dating reports since.

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