Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 11 – 1 7, 2022

Regardless of your rep as essentially the most private and secretive sign of the zodiac, you would possibly develop into downright chatty and revelatory because of the yr’s only Capricorn full (super)moon powering up your communication center this Wednesday, July 13. This chart sector rules self-expression and socializing, and these uplifting moonbeams illuminate the advantages of working (and playing) with like-minded people. To benefit from this opening, you’ll have to do two things: retract your talons and stop seeing everyone as a competitor! Two (smart) heads are higher than one; 4 hands and feet will take you farther faster—and potentially double your fun! Make it your mission to attach with simpatico, inspirational individuals who aren’t merely clones but enhance your output. That is more of a platonic zone, however the satisfaction from finding the proper “partner in crime” can’t be exaggerated. Already found your person? This full moon can bring a turning point or a successful completion. Have fun your win, but then quickly follow goal-oriented Capricorn’s lead by instituting a recent set of intentions asap.

Also on Wednesday, your instincts to go under deep cover emerge as grounding Saturn in your domestic quarters forms its twice-a-year mashup with sensual Venus in your eighth house of intense emotions (i.e., the Scorpio house). Since Saturn glosses over nothing, you’ll be able to step back and take a sober reality check. In case you’re not in a firmly committed union, you get to ask whether the thing of your affection is really on the identical page as you—or are you doing the lion’s share of the “heavy relationship lifting”? In case you are in it for the long haul, are you each contributing equally—and do each of you are feeling that’s true? And no matter your status, how cool are you keeping your feelings? In case you catch yourself beginning to obsess, get jealous or disproportionately indignant, that’s price . Venus on this intensifying sector can ratchet things up, but when you can tap into Saturn’s even-handedness, you would possibly gain enough clarity (and actual distance) to interrupt the fixation, which this cycle can bring on. technique is if you catch yourself “going there”? Hit Stop and go for a run, an influence yoga class or simply cue up some loud music and dance till you’re sweating. Then take a dip—or a shower—and return to your usually scheduled programming.

Adventure is the name of your game starting Sunday when Venus wraps up her annual trek through your sultry eighth house and strides into Cancer and your expansive ninth house until August 11. Over the following several weeks, you’ll feel freer and more daring than you will have shortly. In case you haven’t done any real travel for months (or years!), you could develop a sudden case of wanderlust that travel blogs can’t sate. In case you can get away, discover a last-minute deal to a dream destination or reach out to friends who’ve been luring you to go to and see what you’ll be able to make stick. In case you’re single, this Venus transit inspires you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and provides different folks a likelihood. Attached? This can be a perfect time to make a journey together, or at the least start researching and planning a mutual bucket-list one. And within the meantime, reignite sparks with a romantic road trip or weekend baecation!

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