Samsung confirms 77-inch QD-OLED panel for CES 2023. Will it’s a TV?

Samsung Display has confirmed it’s going to be showing a newly developed 77-inch variant of its QD-OLED panel technology at CES 2023. Whether Samsung Electronics will follow suit with an announcement a couple of 77-inch QD-OLED TV stays to be seen for now, but I expect to know more inside within the early days of the show.

It was at CES 2022 that we got our first glimpse of Samsung Display’s QD-OLED panel technology. On the time, it struck me as mightily impressive — the most effective picture quality I’d ever seen.

Since that point, QD-OLED panels have been released as consumer products via Samsung Electronics’ S95B TV, the Sony A95K TV, and two Dell Alienware monitors. Each of those products was hailed as best-in-class, each by Digital Trends’ reviewers and people across the media landscape. With perfect black levels and better color brightness than LG’s WOLED technology, QD-OLED screens are indeed a treat for the eyes.

Still, amongst consumers, complaints about limited screen-size options became a typical refrain. Many TV enthusiasts claim to have held off on investing in the brand new TV type until it was available in a bigger size. Now, it appears a 77-inch QD-OLED TV could also be on the best way. But that’s not a foregone conclusion.

While Samsung Display assured me at CES 2022 that its latest QD-OLED panel would seem in a consumer TV that yr, they might not guarantee that TV can be made by Samsung Electronics. Granted, a number of weeks later, the formal announcement of the S95B TV’s existence was made, but my understanding is that there was some internal discussion over if/when that TV could be delivered to market.

In fact, if Samsung Electronics hadn’t made a TV out of it, Sony would have. And that is probably going the case here with the brand new 77-inch size option.

[5:57 PM] Caleb Denison

In the identical press release, Samsung Display also mentioned a 49-inch Ultrawide QD-OLED panel that’s clearly destined to be a pc monitor, and one likely made by Dell’s Alienware division. Other product mentions include a latest flexible hybrid QD-OLED display, a slideable display, and a digital cockpit manufactured from QD-OLED panels. We’ll make sure you bring you up near all of those products as we proceed our CES 2023 coverage.

A 49-inch ultra-wide QD-OLED computer monitor as mocked up by Samsung Display

A digital car cockpit made of Samsung QD-OLED displays

It might be hours, days, or weeks until now we have a firm confirmation, but all signs point to a 77-inch QD-OLED TV hitting the market in 2023.

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