Regé-Jean Page Swears His Self-Care Routine Is Just Sleep, Water, and Good Vibes

What does it take for Rege-Jean Page to look that good? Apparently, not much.

“Sleep. Water. Good Vibes,” the actor told, revealing his secret recipe on a Zoom call from L.A. Beaming in a blue and white striped sweater, the actor was slightly convincing. After long days on set in Bridgerton or after hosting Saturday Night Live for the primary time, all he’d have to recharge is solely…rest and hydrate?

But perhaps it’s that effortlessness that helped Page land his latest role because the face of Armani Code Parfum, announced today. In any case, the brand new fragrance is alleged to channel “the contemporary man,” one which is “strong yet sensitive” and values connection—who higher embodies that than the actor who brought those very characteristics to the Duke of Hastings?

Page admits he wasn’t an enormous fragrance guy prior, but he’s game to trying latest things. “I’m open to experiences and folks introduce me to something latest, and I’m like, ‘oh, that’s form of cool’ and form of keep on with that for some time,” he says. “Nevertheless it takes something special to carry my attention.”

That try all the pieces approach applies to his profession as well. “My favorite thing about this job is constant to order space to surprise myself, to order space to excite myself. And I feel the perfect solution to do this just isn’t to cement what you’re thinking that you would like,” he says. After starring within the 2016 Roots remake, ABC’s legal drama For the People, and after all, Bridgerton, Page will next star in Netflix’s supersized motion flick The Gray Man alongside Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, and Ana de Armas. And it’s by Avengers directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

When asked who he desires to work with next, Page’s answer is just so simple as his beauty routine: “Absolutely everyone.”

Here, the heartthrob chats with about where he’d wear Armani Code, his favorite book, and what’s in his classified files.

How would you describe the fragrance Armani Code?

I’d describe it as multifaceted. I feel one in every of the things that excites me about it most is that there’s a very intense initial presence, form of traditional strong notes just like the bergamot after which beneath that, in concert with it, you may have softer, more floral notes just like the Iris that can help you have a variety of different angles to experience the fragrance from. In order different as you’re yesterday to today, to tomorrow, there are different assets, facets of this fragrance that you could discover from each day with yourself, along with your different moods, with different versions of yourself, ?

Courtesy Armani

I would like to present you a scenario: You’re wearing Armani Code. Where are you going out to? What outfit are you wearing? Set the scene.

[Laughs] Truthfully? The enjoyment of this thing is I may very well be going form of anywhere. Like, I may very well be going to the beach, I may very well be going to a dive bar. I may very well be going to the Met. And to be honest, I’ve worn it to all three of those occasions. So it links into the previous answer I gave—it’s the multifaceted nature of the thing that signifies that different notes will come out in numerous scenarios. The identical way that different versions of myself will come out in numerous scenarios, somewhere else.

On the subject of beauty and fragrance, I’m also interested in self-care. What does your self-care routine seem like?

It’s quite simple. Sleep, water, good vibes.

That’s it? That’s all it takes?

That’s it. Those are probably the most… Sleep, water, good vibes, moisturize. There you go, I’ll offer you that much.

Okay. I’m sure SPF too, probably somewhere in the combination.

SPF somewhere in the combination. I’m not very disciplined with that, but I’m gonna must be.

Any routines for a wind-down after an extended down set?

Sleep. Water. Good vibes. [Laughs heartily]

That’s all it’s. The easy recipe.

No but genuinely, I’m something of a minimalist with this. I feel: keep things easy, but do them well. And sleep is one of the vital underrated things on the earth. If you happen to’re well hydrated and also you’re well rested, then the great vibes form of deal with themselves. If you happen to feel good, you’ll look good. That’s each form of weirdly holistic, but in addition biologically sound, like while you feel good, when you’re rested, your body can deal with itself. You realize?

I’m curious to listen to about what you’re working on as well. You might have The Gray Man coming up in a pair weeks. Are you able to tell us a little bit bit more about your role?

[Laughs] Sort of, perhaps, not likely? I can put out that this guy is the top of the CIA clandestine services. So there’s a variety of sophistication, a variety of power to this character. There’s a variety of shadow and contrast to this character, it’s something that I don’t think people have seen a variety of from me specifically before, which was great fun for me to play with. But beyond that, not an enormous amount. These people live within the shadows, you form of gotta discover them within the movie.

Definitely. What was your prep like? Did it require a variety of physical training?

There was some. [Laughs] It’s all within the classified file.

the gray man 2022 rege jean page as carmichael cr paul abellnetflix © 2022

Regé-Jean Page in The Gray Man.


Got it. Did it feel greater than any previous project you’d done previously? The Russo brothers are attached and it’s an enormous Netflix film.

I mean, the scope of the thing is insane. I feel the Russos have talked about that publicly when it comes to what number of set pieces they’ve going, when it comes to the scale of their ambition for this project. Once I watched this thing in a screening room, it physically shook me. So I don’t think that there’s any limits to how big that is. That is the largest motion movie that I’ve ever seen. And everybody just had such a ball of a time making it that I feel that’ll translate pretty much. Also the fun thing concerning the Russos, they’re such masters of genre that they will form of activate a dime between an absolute white knuckle adrenaline ride, after which this type of [snaps] community-esque wink on the camera where all the pieces is definitely very funny, straight back into white knuckle motion, ? I feel the way in which that they’re capable of play with genre like that and be certain that that everybody’s having this compelling, enjoyable experience through a movie with such weight is actually quite special.

You might have this and you may have a Noah Hawley project within the works, that’s produced by by the Russo brothers. What are some belongings you’ve taken away from working with them?

They’ve imparted a variety of wisdom, actually. We got on rather well. We had a few great productive, long conversations about business basically, about what they wanna make, what I wanna make. Out of that has come the collaboration with Noah, which is super exciting, which I can say absolutely nothing about. But I mean, you possibly can’t get a greater billing than that, between Noah Hawley and the Russos you’re in such incredibly good company.

But what’s almost more exciting is how that work comes about since the Russos are so generous with their time and with their creativity that, that project wouldn’t have come about. If we hadn’t been capable of talk so freely and in the event that they hadn’t taken the time to have an interest and say, “Hey, that’s super interesting. We are able to run with that.” And so we’re and so it’s an exquisite relationship to have and I’m looking forward to sharing increasingly more of the creative stuff we’ve coming on the market since it actually excites me.

“My dream role is the one which I don’t even have the aptitude of imagining yet.”

That’s amazing. In The Gray Man, you’re sharing the screen with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling. What was it like working with them?

Inspiring. Very similar to the Russos, these are guys at the highest of their game, who’ve seen it and done it and so they’re doing it again but higher, ? And so with the ability to have a front row seat with that, with the ability to interact with guys who’re working at this level is hugely inspiring. It’s a free master class each day. And again, they’re very, very generous artists. They’re individuals who will provide you with their time, who will provide you with absolutely all the pieces in moments of performance and moments off performance. So it’s a privilege.

Any specific pieces of recommendation they’ve given you as well?

You’ve wandered back into the classified file. [Laughs]

What does your dream role seem like?

My dream role is the one which I don’t even have the aptitude of imagining yet. If that is sensible. Do you see what I mean?

Yeah. And also you’ll understand it while you find it.

Once you see it, it’ll be something latest, it’ll be something unexpected. That’s the dream.

Totally. It’s been a joy watching your profession grow and evolve previously few years. As you proceed to rise and proceed to place your work on the market, what’s something that you simply want people to remove from you?

To remove from me? Man, ticket stubs? I don’t know. [Laughs] I hope that people benefit from the work you set out. It’s something that you simply do this the enjoyment of this job is that you simply do it to be observed. The things that you simply make usually are not made in private, it’s made to be made after which shared. And so that you hope that folks find something relatable. I used to be describing earlier in one other interview, someone was asking which character I related to most. And I used to be saying, it’s form of all of them because I find pieces of myself in numerous characters and discover those pieces of myself in order that I do know myself higher. After which when you do the job right, you’re taking all those pieces and also you share them outwards within the performance, being that hopefully when you’re within the theater, when you’re sitting at home watching TV, you’re looking at that and going and finding pieces of yourself and going, “Oh! I’m a little bit bit like that. Well, I never quite understood this about myself, but that makes [me feel understood].” I all the time feel like that. I suddenly feel barely less alone because I see a chunk of the world that I recognize within the work. And the more often that I can assist give people who feeling that you may have after you’ve read book and you are feeling just that little bit less alone on the earth. You’re feeling just more yourself. That’s the goal.

On the reverse of that, is there anything that you simply’ve watched or read recently that made you’re feeling that way?

Ooh. I reread The Little Prince every couple of years, but I feel that there are little pieces of that that all the time resonate in a different way every time I come back to it.

This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.

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