Pisces Monthly Horoscope


Summer gets charismatic and colourful because the Sun bursts into Cancer and your expressive, theatrical fifth house. Until July 22, you’re consumed with an exciting creative project, a romance or simply having full-bodied fun wherever you go. This childlike energy could make you an in-demand adventurer (and at moments, a demanding diva). Bring on the summer romance and fun!

Take just a few timeouts to do some life review work this month, too. Some parts of your life are up for a superb inventory, namely your personal goals and friendships. That’s because three of the slower-moving outer planets (Saturn, Neptune and Pluto) are retrograde all month—and for the remaining of summer—a very important time to step back, evaluate and proper course. On July 28, expansive Jupiter will join the retrograde brigade, making an about-face in Aries and your financial district. Trim your budget and reduce excessive spending until later within the 12 months. We’re not saying to cramp your summer fun; just be mindful of your moolah!

Sharing the prices—and all the pieces else—can let you have your fun without getting bogged down by hefty bills. An excellent moment for that arrives on the July 13 Capricorn full supermoon, which beams into your eleventh house of groups and collaborations.


You’ll be able to buckle down starting July 22, when Leo season kicks in, activating your sixth house of wellness and organization. The July 28 Leo latest moon is great for starting a fitness plan or getting all of your affairs so as. You would receive some life-changing news on July 31, when shock-jock Uranus and the karmic north node make a rare meetup in your information sector. Keep those devices charged: You won’t need to miss this!

Cancer season pumps up the fervour until July 22

The joy is constructing to a fever pitch, Pisces! The Sun is in fellow water sign Cancer until July 22, igniting your lusty and inventive fifth house. You’re feeling daring and frisky, within the mood to decorate up, hit the town and fire up some good-natured trouble. A summer fling could spark up for single Pisces, and even spoken-for Fish will enjoy some extra attention because the smoldering Sun gives you head-turner status. Fans will flock to you in droves, and your magnetic presence could earn you celebrity status. Use your fame for good, Fish, raising your voice to share a message of affection and to talk for people who find themselves silenced. And in fact, to exchange flirty, witty banter wherever you go!

Power struggles on the July 1 Mars-Pluto square

Your diplomatic superpowers have mended many rifts in your circle, but this July 1, take a timeout from playing the olive branch-bearer. Mind your small business, Pisces, as aggressive Mars in your stabilizing second house feuds with manipulative Pluto in your eleventh house of social ties. Not everyone shares your values, and should you attempt to implement them, you’ll only get pushback. The road to hell may thoroughly be paved with good intentions today.

With Mars in your money zone, you’ll must keep your spending in check as well. Friends might talk you right into a vacation you may’t afford, or you would possibly blow the budget attempting to sustain appearances. Don’t let a competitive streak drive your spending. In group projects, stubbornness could halt progress. Stay alert to power struggles and don’t engage. Kill the drama by stating the facts plainly and specializing in shared goals. Once everyone seems to be on board, your crew can move mountains.

The July 13 Capricorn full supermoon spotlights collaboration

On July 13, the Capricorn full supermoon illuminates your eleventh house of groups and friendships. This lighthearted energy could possibly be a welcome break from among the intensity of Cancer season. Get out and network, meet up for an enormous group dinner, launch a viral message on social media. A collaboration you’ve been working on all 12 months could reach a very important turning point. Hello, trailblazing influencer! You would be recognized to your do-gooding, otherwise you is perhaps inspired to become involved in a very important social cause. (Take your pick—the list is long as of late.)

Team tension spikes on the July 19 Sun-Pluto opposition

Group dynamics could hit a category=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” major pothole on July 19, on the annual opposition of the ego-driven Sun and calculating Pluto in your group activity zone. A friend could possibly be astonishingly unsupportive of your exciting news or big plans. Don’t let this take the wind out of your sails, Pisces. You don’t need anyone like that in your life. We’re not saying it is best to cut someone off (though this Sun-Pluto clash could tempt you to)—but be firm and direct if a boundary is crossed. You don’t need some naysaying know-it-all knocking you down! A drama queen or diva in your circle could also attempt to fire up rivalry or triangulate members of your crew. Nip that within the bud in every single place, from work to your friend circle. In case you’re the one who’s being indirect or manipulative, catch yourself and be authentic as a substitute.

Chiron turns retrograde in Aries July 19

Is money a source of struggle for you, Pisces—or perhaps something you only ignore? Starting today, as “wounded healer” Chiron turns retrograde in your second house of funds and values, you’ll have five months to explore the emotional features of your relationship to money and material “stuff.” You don’t read much about Chiron, but when it makes a major move like this, it could possibly be game-changing. For the remaining of the 12 months, you may get in contact with beliefs around self-worth and the way you employ money in each healthy and counterproductive ways. Quite a bit has to do with the morals you were raised with, so dig into your past and generational patterns. Is it time to interrupt a long-held family cycle or superstition around prosperity? Chiron will light the best way.

Leo season (until August 22) and the July 28 Leo latest moon

The frenzied (but fun) pace of July starts to level off a bit on July 22, when the Sun moves into Leo and your sixth house of health, fitness and organization. After a decadent Cancer season, you’re ready for a bit little bit of a cleanup job. Here it comes! 

For the following month, deal with your well-being and getting the loose ends of your life streamlined and systematized. Listen to your eating and sleeping habits, and get regular exercise back on the calendar. Overwhelmed by work? Hire a specialist or service provider to assist you to knock out your to-do list. From a TaskRabbit-type to construct your bookshelves to a financial adviser to assist with retirement planning, your mission is to exchange clutter and chaos with clarity.

You’ll get a helping hand from the July 28 Leo latest moon, which turns a clean page around health, work and organization. That is an important day to rent someone or change your lifestyle. Start a fitness program now, and also you’ll see results construct over the following six months, culminating across the Leo FULL moon in early 2023. One consistent step at a time will get you there!

Mind your money: Jupiter turns retrograde July 28

Funds are within the highlight, especially when it comes to your personal self-sufficiency. But it is advisable to watch your wallet starting July 28, when bountiful Jupiter turns retrograde (backward) in Aries and your second house of cash. Jupiter will reverse through this zone until October 28, then it can slip back into YOUR sign two months, staying retrograde until November 23. 

During this four-month stretch, scale your spending back and prepare to do some self-reflection work. Do you make quite a lot of impulse purchases, assuming that there’s going to be a gentle stream of money flow? Being mindful of your budget will definitely help avoid unnecessary stress or setbacks. Possibly you’ve been too optimistic about your funds. Reflect now on where your actions can line up together with your core values. For instance, if you wish to get monetary savings for a house, are you following through by cutting out the splurges?

If expansive Jupiter has brought you a latest gig, that is a superb period to get prepared. Take this time to check and dive into the onboarding process. A practical approach is favored; don’t just wing it. With a measured M.O., you may get more integrated into your latest workplace or a stabilizing project. When Jupiter returns to Pisces for the last two months of 2022, you’ll be in a secure and grounded place, able to make one other big debut or to dive right into a solo project that makes your soul sing! In search of a latest source or revenue or income? Return to an old employer or client, as retrogrades favor people from our past.

Big ideas on the July 31 Uranus-north node meetup

Oops, did you actually just say that, Pisces? On July 31, changemaker Uranus and the karmic north node will make a rare conjunction (meetup) in Taurus, sending potent ripples through your third house of communication and community. Your ability to self-censor might be MIA today and in the times surrounding this rare event. While it’s necessary to be authentic, you possibly can drop a shocking truth bomb, especially with Mars conjoining this duo on August 1. Don’t be surprised if heads spin on the 180-degree switch out of your usual placid Pisces way. Hey, no person said you needed to be a people-pleaser or tell folks only what they need to hear!

The last time the north node and Uranus were conjunct was in 2007 (in a unique zodiac sign), so that is a particularly infrequent connection. In case you’ve got a world-changing message, freedom fighter Uranus will help carry the torch. Pissed off in regards to the SCOTUS ruling on reproductive rights and all of the injustices of the world? Don’t sit there and steam or complain—this star-powered moment can spur you to activism and motion.

Feeling sensitive? Love planet Venus is in Gemini and your tender, emotional fourth house until June 17, stirring up all the sentiments. It’s an important time to ramp up the self-care and get cozy class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” together with your favorite person. With beautifying Venus in your domestic zone, you would possibly Feng Shui your bedroom or turn your house right into a sanctuary that raises your spiritual vibration and attracts the form of love you desire—whether with someone latest or your current partner.

Need assistance speaking up for yourself, Pisces? You’ll get a lift from in-your-face Mars, which is in Taurus and your communication house until August 20. In actual fact, once the floodgates open, it might be hard to stem the tide of truth serum. Just ensure you don’t swing from meek to antagonistic. Aggressive Mars could make you argumentative. Remember, the goal of expressing yourself is to create a win-win scenario, not alienate people. With Venus making you a bit moody and thin-skinned, you is perhaps a bit too ready for a fight.

In case you’ve been biting your tongue about your needs, don’t blame your partner or love interest for that. But DO start being more direct about what you would like. With spicy Mars on this social, media-friendly sector, you possibly can meet someone on the apps, through mutual friends or while hanging out at an informal event. RSVP “yes” to that poolside barbecue or rooftop drinks.

Moodiness, begone! July’s emo vibes will dissipate fast on July 17, the minute Venus strides into Cancer and your passionate fifth house. In actual fact, your love life could heat as much as feverish levels. You won’t should wait around for Cupid to make a summer appearance; you’ll be tuned in to his frequency right up until August 11. Take advantage of these romantic vibes by personally turning up the flame on a budding attraction or dangling some exciting next steps in front of your partner. 

Creativity reaches a peak throughout the first three weeks of July because the Sun visits Cancer and your expressive fifth house until July 22. This zodiac zone rules celebration, so find ways to mix work and play, motivating the troops (and let’s be honest, yourself) by bringing a spirit of fun to your projects. This is a wonderful time for brainstorming and inspirational research. In search of summer reading? Try Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, one among our favourite self-study guides for living a creative life. 

Wish to bring together like-minded people to network for a cause? The July 13 Capricorn full supermoon illuminates your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. 

On July 22, the Sun marches into Leo and your sixth house of efficiency, organization and health. You’re back in business, able to tackle all of the odd jobs which have piled up. Along with your head back in the sport, you may tackle administrative tasks, budgets and contracts—stuff which will have fallen by the wayside for the past couple months. Your mind is sharp, so put your analytical prowess to good strategic use by streamlining your systems and getting constructive feedback from co-workers. Hunker down and finish projects: You’ll feel like a superhero as you slash things off your to-do list.

No must do it on their own, Pisces! From July 5 to August 20, go-getter Mars is in Taurus, energizing your third house of kindred spirits and communication. Speak up, ask for help and crowdsource whatever you would possibly must get your mission off the bottom. The right collaborator or service provider could possibly be a DM or Facebook post away!

Love Days: 26, 4

Money Days: 11, 19

Luck Days: 9, 17

Off Days: 28, 6

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