Partying with Sir Elton John on the Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Show

I used to be already convinced that fireworks follow wherever Sir Elton John treads when he arrived at Saks Fifth Avenue on Tuesday night, able to ignite the department store’s famous annual holiday lights and window display. He wore, as he’d promised me in an email interview that morning, “head-to-toe Gucci”: a red-and-blue tracksuit, Gucci x Adidas sneakers, and a tailored matcha-green blazer along with his name emblazoned on the breast pocket. As a golf cart steered him right into a blockaded section of the previously bustling street, a grand piano was rolled onto Fifth Avenue in his honor. He tickled the primary notes of “Your Song,” and the windows of the department store behind him suddenly glowed with the merchandise he’d helped select. All that is to say, after 52 years on the road, John still knows learn how to curate a great show.

The 75-year-old singer—or the Rocket Man, as he’s popularly known because of one in every of his best hits—was just coming off his final U.S. stop on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. The night, John says, was an incredible one, even after the well over 3,500 shows he’s played over the course of his profession. He wrote via email, “I kept just pondering to myself on the stage, Here I’m 52 years later after my first Dodgers show, and I can’t consider a greater method to end my time in America than at the long-lasting Dodgers Stadium that has meant a lot to me over my profession.”

After leaving Los Angeles along with his husband, David Furnish, and sons, Zachary and Elijah, he arrived hours later in Latest York, set to launch not only the lights show but a vacation collection at Saks itself. The gifting capsule, live as of Nov. 23, features pieces from over 60 brands, including (but not limited to) Givenchy, Versace, Balmain, Burberry, Jo Malone, Wales Bonner, Christopher John Rogers, Staud, and Gucci—all curated in partnership with John. As a part of a $1 million commitment from Saks, $500,000 of the proceeds from the gathering will go straight to the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Rocket Fund, which John began back in 1992. The organization’s goal is to finish AIDS worldwide by 2030, and the Rocket Fund specifically is a multi-year campaign dedicating to ending stigma and deploying resources for the LGBTQ+ community.


“Over the past 30 years, we’ve grown a lot and gathered support to extend our income from lower than $1 million a yr on the very starting to over $25 million annually today,” John wrote. “We’ve developed coalitions with community organizations, national health systems, research institutions, activists and the expanding movement of individuals living with HIV/AIDS to make an impact through programs in dozens of nations all over the world. To witness and be a component of that growth has been one in every of the best joys of my life.”

elton john performing at 2022 saks fifth avenue holiday windows

Alexi Rosenfeld//Getty Images

    As of late, the long-lasting artist is hoping to spend more time at home along with his husband and young sons, though don’t expect his fingerprint on the music industry to shift any time soon. As a lover of diverse genres of music, he hates to play favorites along with his co-collaborators and mentees, but he names Sam Fender and Billie Eilish as two artists he’s excited to look at rise the charts. “I used to be blown away once I first heard their music and have a look at them now,” John wrote. “They made music at such a young age that I couldn’t even comprehend making once I was that young.” As for his sons, they’d likely put forth Dua Lipa’s name. “My cool quotient went way up once we collaborated on ‘Cold Heart,’” John jokes.

    After ending “Your Song,” John took a seat next to his family within the front row of the bleachers arrange across Fifth Avenue, from which he could watch the Saks holiday lighting. He rocked backwards and forwards as his own music spilled from enormous speakers, synchronized with blinding flashes of sunshine and fireworks erupting from the Saks rooftop. Even amidst all of the noise and color, his beloved red sunglasses caught the sunshine. It was easy to select him out of the gang.

    “When I’m going out and once I am on stage, I would like to feel special,” he wrote to me. “I still wish to be daring and surprise individuals with my looks.” After greater than five many years on stage, he’s still doing just that.

    Lauren Puckett-Pope is an associate editor at ELLE, where she covers film, TV, books and fashion. 

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