Outer Banks Season 3: All the pieces We Know

Outer Banks likes to seal each season with a (ridiculous, yet undeniably delightful) bang. Dramatic cliffhangers have long earned teen dramas their pedigree, and the Netflix fan favorite following a crew of young misfits chasing riches along the North Carolina coast doesn’t reinvent the wheel. If you happen to’ve ever watched a teen soap, you realize the drill: Put aside your misgivings. Buy into the asinine. Only then can the true fun begin.

Season 1 completed the fireworks in its finale, during which orphaned fugitive John B Routledge’s wild try to evade police capture led him to crash his boat directly right into a tropical storm. But he and his rich-girl flame, Sarah Cameron, were soon revealed to have survived the wreck—and never only were they alive and well, they were rescued by a ship that just so happened to be headed to Nassau, where $400 million in gold awaited them.

But wait—season 2 ups the ante by a hair-raising degree. There are automotive chases! Heists! A stolen ambulance! Boat explosions! Alligator attacks! A dubious doctor and his much more dubious approach to sewing up bullet wounds! Allergic reactions to wasp stings! Sewer floods! A murder within the pouring rain! Don’t think an excessive amount of about whether any of it is smart; just soak it in. By the point the second season ricochets to a detailed, it’s unimaginable to recollect all that’s happened, but you’ll be too drunk on adrenaline to care. And after that major reveal in the ultimate seconds of the finale, all you’ll be able to do is clap dumbly for an encore.

Rest assured, an encore there almost actually shall be. As you wrest your brain back out of your OBX acid trip, here’s a glance toward the longer term—and every little thing we all know concerning the Pogues’ next chapter.

Is season 3 of Outer Banks confirmed?

Yes. Netflix renewed Outer Banks for season 3 on Dec. 7, 2021, with the assistance of the (very excited) forged.

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Creator and showrunner Jonas Pate has previously revealed that he envisions 4 or five seasons of the show in total.

“Ever since we began, we all the time viewed it as something that was probably like a four-season, possibly five-season show, but definitely 4 seasons,” he told Entertainment Weekly in April 2020. “We’ve type of long-arced it out pretty far. I’m just hoping that we get a likelihood to really tell those stories.”

He also revealed that “before [season 1] even got here out, Netflix had greenlit us to write down some [season 2] scripts,” which suggests the identical could have happened for season 3.

When will season 3 be released?

Outer Banks debuted its first season in April 2020, right as Americans were settling into lockdown. Season 2 dropped in July 2021, even with the COVID-19 pandemic shaking up typical production timelines. Season 3 will take a bit longer to land on screens, but Netflix has officially announced the subsequent chapter will arrive on Feb. 23, 2023.

Who’s within the Outer Banks season 3 forged?

In keeping with Deadline, series regulars Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Austin North, Drew Starkey, and Charles Esten are slated to return. We’ll even be seeing more of Cleo: Carlacia Grant, the actress who plays her, has been promoted to series regular.

What is going to season 3 be about?

The third season will proceed the treasure hunt of the primary and second. That $400 million in gold remains to be nestled within the Bahamas, there’s a bejeweled cross in the combination, and—because the season 3 trailer reveals—now our P4L crew is out for El Dorado!

Ward Cameron, Sarah’s villainous father, is injured but alive, having officially passed the baton to his increasingly erratic son, Rafe, who little doubt shall be gunning for revenge against John B and his crew. Meanwhile, John B and Sarah are once more type of married(?), and Cleo from Nassau has joined the Pogues, shipwrecked (presumably without food or water) on an island within the Caribbean. We will expect season 3 to feature their journey home, in addition to their big plan for stealing back the cross, the Merchant shipwreck gold, and, uh…the whole lot of El Dorado? But most significant shall be the reunion between John B and his long-thought-deceased father, Big John, who apparently knows something concerning the sacred garment the frightening Limbrey seeks to heal her mysterious disease.

As of January 2023, Netflix released the next official plot synopsis for season 3: “After losing the gold and fleeing the Outer Banks, season 3 finds the Pogues washed ashore on a desert island that, for a transient moment, looks like an idyllic home. Officially deemed ‘Poguelandia,’ the island’s newest residents spend their days fishing, swimming, and reveling within the carefree lifestyle of their temporary dwelling. But things quickly go south for John B, Sarah, Kiara, Pope, JJ, and Cleo after they find themselves once more caught up in a race for the treasure, quite literally running for his or her lives. They’re broke and removed from home, they will’t trust anyone, Ward and Rafe are hungry for revenge, and there’s a ruthless Caribbean Don who will stop at nothing to search out the bounty. Was the treasure ever inside their reach? Or was all of it a trap to stop them once and for all? Either way, it’s the Pogues against the world—and the one way out is together.”

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Outer Banks 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Josh Pate explained the explanation for the massive time jump teaser on the very end of season three’s tenth episode, which hinted at a storyline for Blackbeard lore.

“So far as the time jump, we felt like we would have liked to get them out of faculty. The actors are slightly older, and it was harder to maintain them in highschool,” Pate explained. “We just desired to move them right into a latest phase of their lives and move them forward slightly bit.”

How does Big John’s return impact season 3?

Jonas Pate told TV Line that Big John’s big reveal wasn’t all the time planned. “We knew we had that card. We didn’t know that we might play it needless to say, but across the sixth or seventh episode, once we were writing this 12 months, we began to appreciate possibly we could do this,” he said. He added that every one the motion in episode 10 of season 2 was meant to operate as a distraction to depart audiences “really on the mistaken foot.”

So you’ll be able to expect much of season 3 to deal with the long-lost father’s return. “It should be instrumental and possibly the spine [of season 3] mainly,” showrunner Shannon Burke told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s obviously a big revelation that’s going to power an enormous a part of the third season. I’m super interested to see how persons are going to react or in the event that they’re even going to recollect who he was!”

What romances can we expect in season 3?

After all John B and Sarah will proceed their pseudo-marriage, but the opposite characters have plenty of latest love connections to explore. In an interview with ELLE, season 2 newcomer Carlacia Grant revealed she has loads of plans for Cleo in season 3—including a romance.

“I’m really concerned with seeing this whole Cleo and Pope thing occur, if it does occur,” she said. “And I’d like to see more of Cleo’s backstory. I, personally, actually need to see more of her, more of where she got here from. And I need her to be more badass, definitely more badass.”

Burke teased that she, too, thinks there shall be more room for love now that the children are all stranded together in Poguelandia: “We were mainly shot out of a cannon in season 2. And we would like to have slightly more room for, like, our teen drama and teenage romances in season 3, just as a general principle,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

If you happen to picked up on some sexual tension between JJ and Kiara this season, you actually weren’t alone. Bailey revealed to Cosmopolitan that she thinks the ship shall be taking off next season (something the trailer seems to verify): “We’re each feisty, we’re each all the time down for the crazy ideas. There’s just something these two characters have inherently in common that might work.”

And the creators are well aware of how badly the audience wants the pairing to occur. Showrunner Josh Pate told EW, “We were immediately open to [Kiara and JJ getting together], since it looks like an interesting idea to explore, but we type of left it for season 3.”

Where will the subsequent season start?

Presumably, season 3 will pick up where season 2 left off—on a deserted island in the course of the Caribbean. However the show is named Outer Banks, so we doubt the Pogues will give you the chance to stay away from the North Carolina coast for long.

If that’s the case, Cline has plans for Sarah once she’s back within the OBX: “I need to see her and John B need to type of hash out what just happened. I need to see her personal relationships together with her chosen family develop,” she told ELLE. “Possibly we could get some backstory on her and Kie’s friendship. Possibly see her attempt to go to Pogue highschool. Possibly see her attempt to get a job.”

Asked if she thinks Cleo will enjoy living with the Pogues within the States, Grant told ELLE, “I feel she’s going to have a couple of hiccups. I feel not with the ability to carry a knife on her waist is perhaps [a struggle].” More seriously, Grant added, “I feel she is going to learn to adapt, but I do know she’s going to have hiccups because—how is the Outer Banks going to take to her? She does talk with an accent. She is used to doing things her own way. There’s going to be some things that perhaps Kiara and Sarah and the Pogues are going to be like, ‘Yo, you’ll be able to’t do this.’”

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