Nvidia could also be working on an unlimited quad-slot GPU

Just in case the RTX 4090 isn’t adequate for you, Nvidia could also be quietly readying something much, much larger and more powerful — the Titan.

We’ve long been speculating about the potential of Nvidia bringing back the Titan card, and evidently there’s more to it than simply rumors, because an engineering sample of it actually exists. A leaked image of the GPU tells us quite a bit, but will Nvidia ever really launch it?

Moore’s Law Is Dead

This rumor is pretty wild, but it surely definitely has some credibility to it, if only since it comes from a frequent leaker — Moore’s Law Is Dead. The YouTuber shared a photograph of the cardboard that he received from an anonymous source, which shows an engineering sample of a rumored Nvidia Titan Ada Lovelace GPU. We’ve not seen any Titan cards for quite an extended time, but we all know for a proven fact that Nvidia still hasn’t used the complete potential of the AD102 die, so it was never out of the realm of possibility.

In line with Moore’s Law Is Dead, there are finished prototypes labeled “Titan” that Nvidia has been working on for a while. While the photo he shared is heavily edited, the YouTuber also shared some renders of the GPU, showing it in its full glory.

Nvidia’s Titan mixes black with gold, maintaining an analogous shroud to existing cards, but it surely’s a behemoth of a GPU, taking over 4 slots. It comes with dual 16-pin power connectors, but as Moore’s Law Is Dead explains, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Nvidia plans to release a GPU consuming 1,200 watts of power. A Titan GPU would definitely be pretty crazy, but that’d be bordering on insanity. As a substitute, the YouTuber expects the GPU to oscillate across the 550 to 650 watts range, with overclocked variants pushing that limit somewhat higher.

If a few of the earlier rumors in regards to the GPU are true, Nvidia might base this model on the AD102-450 die, featuring 18,176 CUDA cores and a whopping 48GB of GDDR6X memory. Moore’s Law Is Dead also says that it’s possible the cardboard might include 24Gbps memory modules, cranking up the bandwidth by 14% when put next to the RTX 4090.

An edited image of the rumored Nvidia Titan Ada GPU.Moore’s Law Is Dead

Now, will Nvidia really release a Titan Ada GPU, assuming that MLID is correct and the cardboard exists? It’d, but it surely doesn’t should at once. Nvidia has no competition relating to the #1 spot on the list of the very best graphics cards. AMD’s RX 7900 XTX rivals the RTX 4080 as an alternative, and until AMD launches something able to difficult the RTX 4090, Nvidia doesn’t have to worry about with the ability to satisfy the high-end portion of the market.

If such a GPU ever makes it to the shelves, it’s going to be expensive. Anywhere within the $2,000 to $3,000 range is feasible, depending on the ultimate specifications. Seeing because it’s a quad-slot card, it’s also going to want an enormous case and an entire lot of cooling.

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