Microsoft’s price hike on Xbox games will apply to PC, Steam

Microsoft confirmed to Digital Trends that the upcoming price increase on its first-party games will apply to its PC releases as well. The change will occur in 2023 and affect upcoming titles like Starfield, Redfall, and Forza Motorsport.

This morning, IGN reported that Microsoft might be raising the costs of Xbox Series X|S games from $60 to $70. Digital Trends asked Microsoft if this could also apply to the PC versions of its games. A Microsoft spokesperson said, “Yes, starting in 2023, our latest, full-priced games might be $69.99 across console and PC storefronts. This price reflects the content, scale, and complexity of those titles, no matter platform. These games can even be available on day one with Game Pass.”

Microsoft might be the newest company to affix others resembling Sony, Activision, and Electronic Arts, which have already been charging $70 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of their games. Xbox chief Phil Spencer told IGN that Microsoft wouldn’t start raising prices on Xbox’s services and products until after the vacation period was over, but it can be in full effect by the point Xbox’s big 2023 releases roll around.

This price hike all over the place makes Xbox Game Pass seem like an excellent more enticing offer, as subscribers only need to pay as much as $15 monthly for access to a wide range of titles moderately than an upfront cost of $70 for a single first-party Xbox game. Thankfully, Game Pass has not seen a price increase yet, and neither have the Xbox Series X and S consoles. Sony increased the value of the PS5 in markets outside of the U.S. earlier this 12 months.

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