Libra Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 4 – 1 0, 2022

How deep are you willing to go along with your love? After six weeks of wavering (even should you never said a word), you’ll suddenly know whether to achieve for the new knob or the cold. Passionate Mars, which has been in Aries (and opposite your Libra Sun) since May 24, packs up his gear and leaves your dynamic-duos zone. While your deliberating sign may never be 100% sure about anything, you’ll inch closer to “certain” starting this Tuesday, July 5. Because the red planet jets into Taurus, it prompts your eighth house of all things mysterious, sensual and INTENSE. Whatever your relationship status, things are sure to take a turn for the way-deeper between now and August 20. The eighth house rules metaphysics and every kind of mergers—from financial to physical. It could possibly only profit you to commit to a every day meditation practice, explore different divination methods or take a Tantra workshop along with your partner. Since electrifying Mars only visits this realm every two years, you don’t wish to squander one second of this empowering energy! Your thoughts may gravitate toward shared resources and investments along with your eighth house fired up, so get proper training or advice from a professional. Steps you’re taking now can literally pay dividends later within the yr.

One other shot of ambition comes later Tuesday, as focused Mercury wings into Cancer and your tenth house of profession and public image. You don’t should go into full-blown workaholic mode, but you MAY reprioritize the skilled over the private between now and July 19. But since you’re a Libra, you won’t be toiling alone in any cave. A lot of success comes from having strong business relationships! Good thing forging and nurturing comes so naturally to you. Organize brainstorming sessions, remembering that there’s no rule saying they have to happen in a stuffy conference room. How about talking shop in a bistro garden, over after-work drinks at a rooftop bar—or even perhaps poolside? Analytical Mercury on this realm will keep your mind razor-sharp and make you a fair shrewder and savvier negotiator. This transit also provides a wonderful opportunity to review your skilled image. If it’s not supporting the self you should project, hire a stylist or tap a fashionista friend to make it easier to update your look. On a related note, in case your personal brand materials (web pages, head shots, site copy) haven’t been refreshed shortly, tweak ‘em to be more in sync with current trends. Your creative sign won’t find this “work” a lot as “play”!

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