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MONTH OF October

Libra season is (finally) coming in hot! It got off to a rocky start, or not less than, not a really balanced one, because of the six retrograde planets in September, including communicator Mercury in YOUR sign. Thankfully, Mercury is the primary one to get back heading in the right direction this October 2, followed by intense Pluto and structured Saturn. Your personal life will especially improve as October progresses, and the October 9 Aries full moon could bring a decisive relationship moment.

Get out and flap those butterfly wings early because on October 23, the Sun shifts into Scorpio and your practical, productive second house. Your mind might be in your money and next moves—appropriately now. The October 25 Scorpio solar eclipse will bring a giant boost or a latest opportunity for work and financial gain, whether you’re in search of one or not!

The month ends with one other flurry of activity. Expansive Jupiter backs out of Aries into Pisces this October 28, shifting its supersizing beams out of your relationship to your wellbeing until December 20. Start Googling vegan, naturally-sweetened cookie recipes and prep for a healthy holiday season!


Energizer Mars also downshifts into retrograde from October 30 to January 12, backing through Gemini and your ninth house of travel, learning and growth. Ambitious plans may have to temporarily cut back until the brand new 12 months. Use this time to perfect your final product—taking your time is at all times best to your judicious zodiac sign.

But first, Halloween. With the moon in Aquarius and your playful, celebratory fifth house, dressing up and having a blast is a cosmic mandate for you. Take a break from business mode and go have some much-deserved fun.

Do you! It’s Libra season until October 23

Pleased birthday season, Libra! The Sun is making its annual voyage through your sign until October 23, handing you the talking stick and welcoming you to prioritize your individual needs and desires. With el Sol in your first house of image and assertiveness, you’ve got just a little extra swagger at your disposal. Use that mojo to propel your individual goals now. 

Mercury retrograde ends on October 2

The fog is lifting! October 2 marks the tip of Mercury retrograde, a signal-scrambling cycle that began on September 9, disrupting technology, communication and travel plans. This one was especially difficult since it was in YOUR sign for the primary two weeks. Then, just as Libra season began on September 23, Mercury plunged into Virgo and your foggy twelfth house, extending the cycle of confusion and illusion.

While Mercury backed through Libra until September 23, you could have felt wildly misunderstood or doubted your individual judgment. (Just what you would like as a Libra: MORE things to overanalyze!) Once the quicksilver planet slipped into Virgo and your twelfth house of healing, closure and rest, it became hard to remain focused on, well, anything. Old resentments and grudges can have resurfaced, or skeletons tumbled out of each closet you opened. Not precisely the running begin to your birthday time that you just were in search of, eh? 

Now that Mercury has corrected course, you possibly can slowly get back to your senses. However it may take until Mercury exits Virgo and moves back into Libra on October 10—after which, for its lingering shadow to go away on October 16—before you possibly can really get a transparent head and move forward. Lean into your sign’s legendary patience for a pair more weeks. You’ve got this, Libra! 

Home becomes a haven again: Pluto retrograde ends October 8

Has your nest been stressed? Family and residential take a turn for the higher on October 8, when karmic Pluto ends a five-month retrograde through Capricorn and your domestic fourth house. Since April 29, you’ve been navigating intense moods and what felt like a series of emotional earthquakes, especially in your household. Power dynamics with a female family member specifically can have been volatile, with seething resentment or outright aggression welling up from the depths. 

Perhaps your thoughts turned to your ancestors, with dreams about departed family members so vivid that they felt like a visitation. Old family patterns and baggage could have surfaced, making this a productive (if painful) time to process the past and untangle those knots. For those who’re a parent, you could have struggled with separation issues between yourself and a toddler—either feeling smothered by an excessive amount of closeness or fearful once they pulled away. Your individual childhood wounds could have surfaced, complicating matters much more.

That begins to vary on October 8 once Pluto resumes forward motion, helping you pierce the veil of confusion. You’ll be higher capable of connect the dots and address household conflict at the foundation, and to let your family members be individuated people as you work out a healthy level of bonding. If the energy in your own home feels off, you may try some Feng Shui techniques, starting with an area clearing and sophistication=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” deep cleansing. (Take a look at suggestions from our Feng Shui astrology section.) As you’re employed through emotional issues AND beautify your space, you’ll begin to feel comfortable in your skin again—at home inside yourself.

Relationships within the highlight on the October 9 Aries full moon

Harmony and balance (your Libra watchwords) return on October 9, when the 12 months’s only Aries full moon beams into your seventh house of relationships. A key partnership comes under the microscope now. Does every part feel mutual between you? Since full moons can bring turning points, you may determine to make things official—or call the entire thing off. With romantic Venus (your ruler) directly opposite this full moon, a change of heart or indecisiveness could take hold.

For those who can get past the confusion of this moon-Venus opposition, a budding connection that’s been constructing for the reason that spring could turn into the true deal. Able to sign a business contract or to commit to 1 special person? This could possibly be the day! 

Saturn retrograde ends October 23

Whichever direction a relationship goes, your love life is on the upswing starting October 23 as structured Saturn wakes up from a four-month retrograde in Aquarius and your fifth house of romance. Since June 4, the heavy-handed taskmaster has left zero room for error, forcing you to make mature romantic selections—and do the exertions required to have lasting love. 

Perhaps you wrote an ex off too quickly and had to return and truly create closure with them. An past love can have resurfaced. Issues you swept aside with a partner could not be ignored. Saturn rules estrangement and distance; some Libras took a timeout to actually heal your heart and evaluate your feelings. Others were just separated by actual geography—an arrangement your solitude-loving sign won’t have minded one bit!

As Saturn powers forward in Capricorn between now and March 2023, your love life could begin to slowly but steadily progress. You’ve hosted Saturn here since December 2020, and in that point, you’ve grown so much, at times through hard-won lessons. Prepare for a mature latest chapter as you progress into Saturn’s final phase.

Scorpio season (October 23) and the Scorpio solar eclipse (October 25)

Some grounding energy is available in starting October 23, when the Sun shifts gears into Scorpio and your second house of labor, money and stability. The joy and excess of Libra season gives solution to an industrious groove. Prioritize your projects and devote your time to those that may construct a way of security—and a nest egg. If birthday binges left you with a lingering hangover (well definitely worth the fun!), you possibly can get back to some every day practices and healthy habits that enable you to feel centered. The important thing for any Libra who feels out of balance? Decelerate. 

Fresh financial starts are favored on October 25, when the annual Scorpio latest moon kicks off a latest six-month chapter for productivity and prosperity. This one also happens to be a potent solar eclipse, which could bring a brand latest revenue source or income stream. For those who’re starting a latest routine or circulating your resume, these galvanizing moonbeams give your efforts a lift. Keep your ears perked for brand spanking new work opportunities, clients or projects that may construct your skilled profile.

Jupiter retrograde backs into Pisces on October 28

Back on the wellness wagon, Libra! Excellent news: your healthy efforts can actually be a fun adventure. On October 28, lucky Jupiter exits Aries and makes one final lap through Pisces until December 20, activating your sixth house of wellness, organization and helpful people.

Jupiter has been visiting Pisces in a three-part act since May 2021. But this May 10, Jupiter moved ahead into Aries and your relationship zone, a time of major transition in your closest relationships. You could have outgrown a relationship, not less than in its current state, either parting ways or recognizing a must evolve the dynamic to support the people you’ve each turn into. Some Libras met a special person, possibly long-distance (Jupiter rules travel and cross-cultural connections), and you could possibly have began exploring your potential. 

Take a time-out from all of that to ensure that YOUR life is so as between now and the tip of the 12 months. Jupiter will return to your relationship corner from December 20 until May 16, supplying you with five more months to explore and experiment with dynamic duo possibilities.

Slow your roll: Mars turns retrograde on October 30

Hang on there, Libra! Temperamental Mars turns retrograde in Gemini on October 30, pushing pause on anything that’s gotten a bit too big to maintain up with. Huge, dangerous plans may have a scaled-back strategy­—not less than, until the planetary motivator resumes direct (forward) motion on January 12. 

With Mars backtracking through your ninth house of travel, expansion and blue-sky visions, you may feel such as you’ve been put within the time-out chair. While that’s never fun, the saying “haste makes waste” rings extra true now. If there was ever a time to your trademark Libra patience, it’s now (yes, again…it’s becoming a theme).

Have you ever been feeling rushed? Mars retrograde could possibly be a blessing in disguise then. Your passion could cool a bit, or a plan that gave the impression of a slam dunk could now reveal some potentially dangerous drawbacks. Give yourself a pair months to research further before you call the entire thing off. Mars is in Gemini until March 25, 2023. For those who put the right checks and balances in place, you could possibly sail into spring with a giant win!

Hey, head turner! With the daring Sun AND your ruler, magnetic Venus, each in Libra until October 23, your love story is looking pretty hot this month. What makes YOU feel glad and satisfied? Focus there and only there!

More mojo comes your way courtesy of lusty Mars, who’s on a protracted trek through Gemini (August 20 to March 25) and your upbeat, worldly ninth house. If actual travel isn’t in your plans, you possibly can still connect with latest people—keep your ears peeled for sexy accents near home or inspiring people on those message boards. Excitement is in the celebs, but note: With Mars here and Venus in your sign, your best turn-on could also be your independence.

Yet even your outsized passion could wane, or change direction, when Mars drifts into retrograde from October 30 to January 12. If someone questions your fidelity, why NOT be truthful? This could possibly be the beginning of a complete latest era of radical honesty for the reason that ninth house also rules outspokenness.

Your practical side starts kicking in on October 23, when the Sun and Venus shift into Scorpio and your stabilizing second house. Security will be sexy too, especially when it’s balanced by the love, luxury and sensual delights which are specialties of Venus on this posh sector. When you’ll need to be budget-conscious (this Sun-Venus combo can tempt you to spend it multi functional place), a couple of haute or high-end date nights will do your Libra soul right.

Recent month, latest you! The Sun is soaring through Libra until October 23, prompting fresh starts and signifying your individual astrological Recent Yr’s celebration. Spruce up your appearance, trade that overgrown summer mane for a classy latest fall ‘do, and upgrade your wardrobe with a couple of signature pieces that may enable you to stand out amongst your peers.

In search of a fresh source of funding? On October 25, a Scorpio solar eclipse prompts your second house of labor and money, which could bring a chance out of the blue. Just ensure you’ve got the assistance and infrastructure in place—a process which may take you the remainder of the 12 months or into early 2023 to sort out. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t field offers, and even accept one. But consider all of the moving parts that may go into this decision, as a substitute of just specializing in a dollar amount.

Love Days: 5, 9

Money Days:16, 25

Luck Days: 14, 23

Off Days: 21, 11

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