Leo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 15 – 2 1, 2022

It’s the last week of Leo season, so why not wrap it up with a memorable adventure? You might have full support from the zodiac’s “benefics,” Venus and Jupiter, who’re flowing right into a fun-loving trine this Thursday, August 18. Venus is prowling through Leo and your expressive first house, while liberated Jupiter is getting frisky in your expansive, exploratory ninth. Grab your favorite wing(wo)man and take a look at events near and not-so-near. You would possibly just wish to skip town for a couple of hours or plan a spontaneous prolonged weekend. Pro tip: Do slightly advance planning since “travel agent” Jupiter is retrograde. Romance could percolate with someone quite unfamiliar, which is thing, Leo! You might have a way of limitless potential, so surround yourself with individuals who feel similarly. Attached? Because this Venus-Jupiter sync-up makes you candid AND caring, when you’ve been biting your tongue, it’s secure to unload—with tact!

If playtime together with your “pride” has been limited recently, here’s some news that may get you purring again. This Saturday, August 20, make-it-happen Mars blasts into Gemini and your team-spirited eleventh house for an prolonged, seven-month tour. Between now and March 25, 2023, you won’t just be fired up with recent ideas for collaborating together with your squad. Headcount on Team Leo will grow, expanding your reach. The entire concept of “networking” has been quite strange over the past couple years. But with the red planet whirring on this revolutionary sign, you’re up for the challenge! Whether you’re hosting a retreat weekend at a big vacation rental, or working on a shared project via the Cloud, your energies just have to meld. (Physical proximity isn’t a requirement.)

While Mars is a highly competitive planet, when in Gemini and your eleventh house, the cutthroat energy dissipates in favor of something MUCH more cooperative. While you should have at the very least one area where you shine like a solo star, it feels great to share some glory with an ensemble solid. You’ll have essentially the most success—not to say fun—when you cherry-pick your co-conspirators. (Be especially discerning about who you invite onboard while Mars is retrograde from October 30 to January 12.) A busy royal such as you doesn’t have time to take up others’ slack. Everyone will profit when you join forces with talented, ambitious “nobility” who’re on an identical trajectory. That said, you may need to resist moving into a leadership position and just let democracy rule. Pick the best people and so they won’t need a ton of managing. Writing up “job descriptions” on your ideal dream team will make it easier to draw the best crew. And if money is changing hands, put the deal right into a formal contract. It’s not about making things awkward, Leo, it’s about preserving the connection with clarity and respect!


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