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MONTH OF November

Ch-ch-changes! November finds you within the midst of two whirlwind eclipses that can impact each your personal and skilled trajectories. On October 25, a Scorpio solar eclipse touched down in your domestic fourth house, kicking off a daring recent chapter in your own home and family life. This November 8, a complete lunar eclipse arrives in Taurus, electrifying your tenth house of profession. A sudden pivot or promotion in your skilled path could come from out of the blue.

Although work-related curveballs could devour your attention, Chateau Leo will beckon while the Sun is in Scorpio until November 22. Perhaps you’ll get inspired to start out a home-based business otherwise you’ll resolve to Feng Shui your own home to assist direct all of the fast-moving energy. You would feel a bit insular now too, squeezing in some pre-holiday hibernation.

Get able to mingle and jingle starting November 22, when the Sun blazes into Sagittarius and your festive, flirtatious fifth house. The following day brings a Sagittarius recent moon (perhaps it’s not too soon for mistletoe?), which pulls out your inner event planner and glamazon. Get those holiday OOTDs lined up, Leo, since the cameras shall be clicking—especially since buoyant Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde in your sexy, magnetic eighth house on November 23.


Thanksgiving arrives within the U.S. on November 24, and dare we hope that this 12 months’s will actually feel like a vacation? With the Sun, moon, social Mercury and harmonizer Venus all in Sagittarius and your playful fifth house, the forecast looks like pre-pandemic seasonal cheer. With midterm elections just behind us, chances are you’ll not have the opportunity to avoid talking politics. But, um, do your best!  

Cozy up: It’s Scorpio season until November 22

It’s getting cozy on the Leo Inn! The Sun has slipped into Scorpio and your domestic fourth house, turning your attention to nesting and self-care. Who needs to attend for the official holiday season to drag out the fuzzy socks and soft sweaters? While el Sol is on this restorative zone until November 22, nurture yourself with comfort food, family bonding and blissful solitude. Surely you’ve got a stack of books to devour or a totally loaded Netflix queue to empty.

Fresh starts around your own home and family could also arrive this month within the wake of the October 25 Scorpio solar eclipse, which turned your attention to matters which might be near your heart. Decelerate and connect with family members as a substitute of rushing around. Show your vulnerable side and get back in contact along with your true feelings. The fourth house rules women, and at this recent moon, a robust and supportive female could open doors. Your mom or a maternal figure could possibly be a key figure in the course of the first three weeks of the month.

The November 8 Taurus full moon is a complete lunar eclipse

On November 8, the Taurus lunar full blood moon eclipse arrives to bring major change to your tenth house of profession, long-term goals and structures. That is the second Taurus lunar eclipse in a series that began on November 19, 2021, and can ripple across the Taurus/Scorpio axis until October 28, 2023. 

This 12 months’s Taurus eclipse is particularly charged for the reason that moon is traveling in sync with Uranus, the planet of sudden change. It’s like a double dose of disruption on top of an already disruptive event! You would receive a job offer out of the blue or make an unplanned and swift exit from knowledgeable post. Didn’t see that coming? Well, Leo, no person did (except perhaps dem stars…). Got a special skill set to share? A chance to look as an authority or an influential leader, perhaps on social media or at a digitally broadcast event, could crop up unexpectedly. Keep your Keynote presentation and sharpest outfit on the ready.

But wait…it’s not off to the races just yet. This moon-Uranus duo will get right into a three-way scuffle, also often called a T-square, with several other planets. There shall be a tense opposition to the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house, and all five of those luminaries will get T-boned by harsh Saturn in your relationship sector. Your ambitious endeavors, irrespective of how great, can’t take flight unless you may have the support of your loved ones, friends and family members. Are you attempting to do an excessive amount of by yourself? Is your personal life set as much as support your skilled goals (and vice versa)?

From the looks of this sky, there’s some reconfiguring to do, Leo. And that’s what eclipses specialise in. Jarring as they will be, they deliver vital wakeup calls that get us back on our game—or onto an entire recent court. Perhaps your priorities have modified. If that’s the case, that’s okay. Take the following couple weeks, if not an entire month, to sort out where you may make adjustments at a far more foundational level than you planned.

November 19 Mars-Neptune square

Are you able to really trust that friend, Leo? Someone could transform more of a frenemy, if not an outright foe, when aggressive Mars in your groups sector clashes with foggy Neptune in your intimate eighth house. Protect your data—and your personal info—because breaches of every kind could take you by surprise. It’s a superb day to strengthen your passwords and to NOT confide in your coworker about those texts you’ve been getting out of your (married) college crush. The road between friendship and intimacy could blur now…innocently at first, then perhaps not a lot.

November 22: Sun enters Sagittarius and November 23 Sagittarius recent moon

Whew! Ready for some holiday joy after those heavy first three weeks? You’ll have a robust appetite for fun starting November 22, when the Sun begins its monthlong visit to Sagittarius and your fifth house of passion, play and creativity. For those who’ve been cooped up at home, shuck those yoga pants and slip into something cute and head-turning. Your fierce Leo roar is back! With el Sol (your cosmic ruler) heating up your frisky fifth house, you are feeling flirty and within the mood for love. Book those date nights and make the rounds of holiday parties along with your favorite plus-one. For those who start the night solo, don’t expect to finish it that way.

You’ll have admirers aplenty to pick from. The November 23 Sagittarius recent moon kicks off a fresh six-month chapter in your love life, so stay especially open to prospects if you happen to’re single. Your allure is even stronger since witty Mercury and attractive Venus are also in Sagittarius. Holiday party season is looking merry and vivid indeed!

For couples, this recent moon could spark a fresh chapter of closeness, even perhaps talk of babies, engagements or next steps. But don’t rush into that officialness just yet, Leo—the fifth home is more about dating than settling down. Bring back that “recent relationship” energy by trying something neither of you has done before. 

Jupiter retrograde ends November 23

There’s no such thing as “an excessive amount of” now, Leo. On November 23, supersizer Jupiter will pivot out of a four-month retrograde slowdown, powering forward in Pisces and your eighth house of merging, shared resources and investments. That is the third and final installment of Jupiter’s three-part visit to Pisces, which began mid-May 2021 and can end December 20, 2022. 

Able to make some big money? As Jupiter shifts into full speed in that eighth house of shared funds and wealth, the remainder of the 12 months is prime for payout. You may discover a distinct segment that drives passive income, or make a lucrative investment. A big lump sum could are available in through a commission, loan, refund or affiliate earning. You may write a large check yourself for a down payment or to whittle away debt from bank cards, school loans or back taxes. Because the eighth house rules mergers, stay alert for opportunities to hitch forces with a well-connected group between now and December 20. Your combined superpowers could make you a formidable team! 

When Jupiter involves Pisces it may well be a “marriage, babies and breakups” cycle. Before the top of the 12 months, you could possibly unite with a soulmate or have a searingly sexy attraction that blazes into an erotic awakening. But don’t expect a lighthearted romp with boundless Jupiter on this intimate sector. The all-or-nothing eighth house plays for keeps. In case your body gets involved, your heart will as well. Have you ever been confused about which direction to go in a relationship? Once Jupiter resumes direct (forward) motion, the answers should start to disclose themselves. 

Friends, advantages, what IS this thing? With sultry, passionate Mars blazing through Gemini and your eleventh house of casual connections for an extra-long run (from August 2022 to late March 2023), you and your love interest could possibly be running cold and warm. One minute you must be intimate, the following you’re pushing them away. Or perhaps they’re friend-zoning YOU…? A longtime partner could possibly be acting a bit distant now, too.

Regardless of the case, be happy to pin it on Mars, which is in powered-down retrograde from October 30 until January 12. This might call for a timeout from any flip-flopping scenarios. The eleventh house rules the digital domain, and it is advisable to dial back the dating apps just a little bit, too. Did you swipe past someone just a little too quickly? Cut off a connection that had potential? During Mars retrograde, the past could actually hold the important thing to a promising connection. Do you may have some latent resentment or unresolved anger toward an ex and even your current partner? Use this retrograde to sort that out. 

The primary half of the month could be best for a timeout to are likely to your emotions while Venus is in Scorpio and your fourth house of home, family and foundations. It’s an incredible time for nesting and resting, but you’re more likely to be snuggled under the cashmere throw and never exactly feeling your sexiest.

That each one changes on November 16, when the love planet wings into Sagittarius and your flirty, frisky and festive fifth house. With Venus here until December 9, you could possibly feel your lusty Leo fires kicking up again. The November 23 Sagittarius recent moon also stokes that flame. Don’t just head home to sleep off a turkey coma after Thanksgiving dinner since the whole weekend is a promising one for meeting an attractive “person of interest!” 

With the November 8 total lunar eclipse in Taurus sweeping through your tenth house of profession, skilled shifts could occur swiftly and from out of the blue. With revolutionary Uranus riding in tandem, you’ll wish to be ready for anything, including a chance to rise right into a leadership role with a cutting-edge project. 

Until November 22, the Sun is making its annual visit to Scorpio and your domestic fourth house. The highlight is more in your personal life than your skilled endeavors. But why not enhance the productive vibes at Chateau Leo? Try just a little Feng Shui in your own home office (try our Home Reset course for ideas). Go on a decluttering mission to permit energy to flow freely and invite abundance into your sphere.

Is it time to rejoin a networking group or to get Team Leo back on the right track? With go-getter Mars retrograde in your collaborative eleventh house, you may need some extra support. But careful: Passive-aggresive dynamics could possibly be afoot. 

Are you up for a giant bonus or commission check? When lucky Jupiter powers forward in Pisces and your eighth house of investments, joint ventures and windfalls this November 23, you’ve got one last month (until December 20) to pursue that big payday.

Love Days: 23, 28

Money Days: 8, 16

Luck Days: 4, 15

Off Days: 12, 26, 30

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