Hair Rollers Are the Vintage Tool You Should Be Using in Modern Times

If I could return in time for in the future, my first stop can be the hair salon. I’ve at all times loved the gorgeous hairstyles of stars like Liz Taylor, Ertha Kitt, and Brigette Bardot. Rollers, whether or not they’re heated or velcro, have been utilized by women in-salon and at-home since their invention within the Twenties and recently made a comeback due to social media apps like Tiktok.

“Hair rollers may give an added volume boost to a standard blowout,” says celebrity hairstylist and brand founder Andrew Fitzsimons. “Each hot and velcro rollers work on every hair type, though I like hot rollers because you may achieve multiple looks beyond a normal blowout.”

Fitzsimons has used rollers on his clients, which include the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, and Megan Fox.

My second stop? I’m off with my recent hairdo to steal Bob Dylan’s heart, naturally.

Ahead, a step-by-step process on use hair rollers.

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