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MONTH OF November

Time to make some changes around here! November has a number of resounding wakeup calls in store, welcome or not. The last eclipse season of 2022 is upon us, starting with the October 25 Scorpio solar eclipse in your administrative sixth house and ending with a November 8 total lunar eclipse in Taurus and your twelfth house of healing and completions. 

These shape-shifting moments demand an eagle-eyed have a look at the way you’re spending your resources (time, money, energy) and what support you would like. Where are the drains and leaks, Gemini? Don’t worry: You’ve got all of Scorpio season, while the Sun’s in your industrious sixth house through November 22, to course correct.

With motion planet Mars now retrograde in YOUR sign from October 30 until January 12, conserving your energy is imperative for the remaining of the 12 months. That’s to not say you must sit back. though! Just be more discerning together with your selections. An individual or opportunity out of your past could resurface now. Screen them with care, especially midmonth, when Mars and shady Neptune square off. Even when someone SEEMS official or experienced doesn’t mean you must trust them. Check references! 


Did you set a project on the back burner this 12 months? It can have latest life now, especially once gung-ho Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde in your profession house on November 23. That day is much more auspicious because it boasts a latest moon in Sagittarius and your partnership house. 

This twosome energy (a Gemini’s favorite number!) carries into the subsequent day, U.S. Thanksgiving, because the Sun, moon, your expressive ruler, Mercury, and harmonizer Venus all commune in Sagittarius. After years of difficult holiday weekends, here’s hoping you’ll be able to enjoy one without pandemics and political arguments spoiling everyone’s appetite. It’s about time!

Healthy living: It’s Scorpio season until November 22

Get the pieces in place, Gemini! With the Sun in Scorpio and your orderly, health-conscious sixth house until November 22, you’ve got the urge to purge anything that’s weighing you down. A mission is coming into focus. Now you would like a plan! What would you want to realize and which actions will get you there? Before you rush off and scatter your energy in one million directions, pause to map that out.

Staying on top of your life will take extra work—and a capable support crew. But…where are they? The sixth house rules employees and helpful people, so you may experience a number of breakdowns on Team Gemini this month. Make certain everyone has crystal-clear instructions—and put them in writing. Think about using apps like Basecamp, Slack or Asana whether you’re managing a piece project or dividing up holiday planning duties with relations. Let your type A side out to play, Gemini: Everyone will profit!

Have your self-care routines was a snoozefest? Mix ‘em up! Geminis need variety. In case your morning meditation now not enlivens you or weightlifting is weighing you down, take a pause. Let your body rest. Research options without committing to anything. (Sure, intermittent fasting sounds intriguing, but is it right for YOUR body?)

The November 8 Taurus full moon is a complete lunar eclipse

On November 8, the Taurus lunar full blood moon eclipse arrives to brush away all that now not serves you. That is the second Taurus lunar eclipse in a series that began on November 19, 2021, and can ripple across the Taurus/Scorpio axis until October 28, 2023. Between now and next fall, your approach to health, healing, organization and work will get an overhaul. 

Is it time to give up control and permit the universe to guide you? Hard for you, Gemini, the zodiac’s closet type An indication! But Taurus rules your twelfth house of fantasy and healing, and this illuminating lunar eclipse will make clear all that’s been hidden from you. Are you seeing things clearly? The twelfth house’s realm will be each receptive AND deceptive. On the one hand, you could end up in a situation that humbles you and forces you to drop your defenses. But when you’ve been kidding yourself a couple of certain person’s true colours, prepare to see those hues in vivid Technicolor now. 

With the eclipse in your twelfth house of closure, you could finally end a painful chapter of your life. Which may be easier said than done, though. This particular eclipse is a difficult one because it locks into some intense entanglements with a number of other planets. The total moon is conjunct radical disruptive and volatile Uranus, adding much more elements of surprise. But that’s not all! This moon-Uranus duo is in a difficult T-square (three-way tug of war) with tough Saturn in your expansive ninth house and a Sun-Mercury-Venus trio in Scorpio, your sixth house of organization and details. 

As a Gemini, you’re often an easy “yes” to every little thing that sounds enticing. More is best! But are you able to handle this load without something crumbling? The gift of those eclipses can be the wisdom to know which offers to take and which to pass up on. Saying a strategic “no” lets you receive what’s truly meant to be yours. A spiritual or metaphysical breakthrough might be on its way—so don’t interfere in that divine plan by attempting to seize the wheel. 

Where are you going? The November 19 Mars-Neptune square

Are your goals and your roles aligned? Driven Mars in Gemini makes its second of three difficult squares to nebulous Neptune in your profession zone. (The primary was October 12, the subsequent can be on March 14, 2023.) As eager as you might be for clarity in your skilled path, you may not get it as quickly as you hope. Pushing, using charm, forcing an end result—well, those won’t get you anywhere, Gemini, even when they typically do. In truth, between Mars being retrograde and its tangled angle with Neptune, your powers of persuasion could feel like they’ve gone MIA. That said, there’s also a possibility of things falling through the cracks. A delicate reminder or confirmation call could reveal that your message was never received. So don’t assume anyone’s ignoring you here, Gemini. Your great ideas may simply have gotten lost in transit.

November 22: Sun enters Sagittarius and November 23 Sagittarius latest moon

Make it a double! A fresh wave of relationship energy rolls in on November 22, when the Sun starts a monthlong visit to Sagittarius and your seventh house of companionship and commitments. Who could you partner up with now, Gemini? Since energy planet Mars is retrograde (backward) in your sign until January 12, you’ve got much more reason to bolster your efforts with some extra hands. 

An individual out of your past could stand up as a terrific companion or candidate, especially on the November 23 Sagittarius latest moon. This lunar lift could offer an exciting partnership opportunity. Does anyone have skills and superpowers that pair perfectly with yours? In the approaching two weeks, you would really begin to explore your synergy. Those simmering sparks could turn right into a much greater blaze over the subsequent six months. Take into consideration where you’d like things to be by the summer!

Back within the saddle! Jupiter retrograde ends November 23

By Thanksgiving, you’ll be one busy Twin because on November 23, abundant Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde, powering forward in Pisces and your tenth house of profession and ambition. Load up a plate of turkey and cornbread stuffing while you’ll be able to! The following month could bring one last massive growth spurt to your skilled life and loftiest goals. 

Since May 2021, Jupiter’s been dipping out and in of Pisces, and that is its last of three trips. Many Geminis have already experienced a surge of ambition or latest profession opportunities, especially since late October. Jupiter’s evolution isn’t at all times comfortable—this planet pushes you OUT of your comfort zone, the truth is—and over the past 12 months and a half, you will have scrambled to adapt to changes. Perhaps you left (or pondered leaving) a long-running role or parted ways with a gentle client. 

With Jupiter powering forward now, it’s all systems go until December 20, when the red-spotted planet exits Pisces for good. Make those daring moves, leaps of religion and large asks! A leadership role or a position with prestige and great responsibility might just await. While it could include longer or more structured hours, travel or other demands, this cycle won’t occur again for greater than a decade, so grab that brass ring while it’s there. The tenth house rules men and fathers—and a very important guy in your life could play a pivotal role in the approaching weeks.

Move ahead…wait, don’t! Spicy, sexy Mars continues to be making its prolonged blaze through Gemini, which began back in August and can proceed until late March 2023. Nevertheless, just before Halloween, on October 30, the red planet reversed into retrograde motion, slamming the brakes on anything that was moving too fast. Between now and January 12, coupled Geminis might find themselves arguing over a problem you thought was long since resolved. 

Someone who had you all atwitter might now seem to be way less of a match. Since retrogrades bring back the past, you may even hear from an ex unexpectedly. Should you think about a fall fling or a reunion hookup? If it’s not too messy…don’t allow us to stop you. But consider that some strong feelings are more likely to surge up afterward.

Also? The opposite love planet, Venus, might advise against anything too cavalier during cuffing season. Until November 16, Venus is in Scorpio and your fastidious sixth house. You’ll be hyper-critical of any flaw you observe and screening applicants through a microscope. (Not that you simply don’t already…however it’s really dialed up now!) For couples, that is a beautiful time to get some healthy habits in place before the vacation feasting and hibernation begins.

If anyone DOES pass your rigorous tests, the second half of the month could find you making things official. Not only is Venus in Sagittarius and your committed seventh house from November 16 to December 9, however the November 23 Sagittarius latest moon (accompanied by your ruler, Mercury, also in Sag) sets the stage to pop a matter or discuss making things official.

Cleanup time! Because the Sun travels through Scorpio and your sixth house of systems and repair until November 22, you’re on a mission to get your life so as. Plow through those 4,000 unchecked emails and liberate some disk space (mental and literal). Get back on a daily sleep and exercise schedule. Who knows what you’ll unearth as you clear your workspaces? 

One more reason to get things on target? Go-getter Mars is in “snooze” mode in YOUR sign from October 30 to January 12. A few of your big personal projects might have to take a backseat to other plans. Like: a possible job offer somewhere more corporate or businessy, or a probability to look as an authority. With lucky Jupiter powering forward in Pisces and your profession zone from November 23 to December 20, you would end the 12 months with a significant offer, perhaps for a partnership, since Jupiter’s direct turn will coincide with a latest moon in your dynamic duo sector.

Love Days: 20, 23

Money Days: 30, 12

Luck Days: 10, 28

Off Days: 8, 21, 26

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