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After I experimented being a blonde, I spotted one crucial thing: that lovely, glossy, freshly-dyed look I had when first leaving the salon fades fast. After just a few washes, dullness can begin to set in. In the event you want the impact of a just done dye job without the commitment, a hair gloss is your best bet. As a blonde, taking good care of my hair became my second full-time job. Together with slathering myself in hydrating hair oils, ensuring all my pillowcases are silk, and doing my best to not wreck my comprised hair, a hair gloss is important to assist me maintain long-lasting shine.

While a fast visit to your colorist is a tried-and-true solution to get a salon-grade hair gloss, it’s also possible to do the method at home, with minimal skills needed. Ahead, Brad Mondo, Founder & Creative Director of XMONDO, and colorist Lucille Javier of Recent York’s Mark Ryan Salon share all the pieces you should find out about this hair-saving treatment.

What’s a hair gloss?

An at-home hair gloss is usually a semi-permanent hair treatment that adds shine and advantages the general health and softness of your hair,” says Mondo. It’s a brief fix that may improve each the health of your hair and its shade. “Glosses typically help with shine and evens tones,” Javier says.


What are the differing types of gloss?

“Semi-permanent gloss is usually an expert product—pigment mixed with developer. Direct dyes have just pure pigment and stain the hair,” Javier says. She also notes that there are numerous sorts of hair glosses, which might be mixed to regulate your specific hair color. How often you utilize a hair gloss is determined by the lightness and darkness of your color. It is best to envision along with your colorist to find out your gloss treatment frequency.

While hair gloss is great for dyed or chemically treated hair, there are perks to glossing virgin hair, too. “A gloss might be clear or coloured, depending on your required result,” says Mondo. “You wouldn’t have to paint your hair to make use of a gloss. In the event you use a transparent gloss, it is going to not color your hair. It’s going to only add shine and profit the general health of your hair.”

xmondo hair gloss

Courtesy of XMONDO

Can glosses be an alternative choice to dye?

“Yes of course!” Javier says. “In the event you don’t have much grey, there are methods to mix in your color. Blondes can get away with glossing their hair in numerous tones, even when it’s just the ends. Also, in case your hair is light enough, you possibly can just deposit tone [to color correct].”

Can glosses help with handling brassiness or discoloration?

A gloss can assist “fine-tune” a shade to be more even, dark, and even brighten the prevailing color. When done in a salon, “It’s mixed specifically for a client and their needs,” she adds. “I even have clients who enjoy coming in for a gloss more incessantly due to the high shine and the subtle difference within the hair.”

Though she advises you to ask your salon for the most effective recommendations, Javier broke down the next suggestions for dyed hair:

Red/strawberry blonde: “Red is one in all the colours that fade very fast. Glosses [should be] more frequent depending on how saturated the colour is. Dark red or auburn hair tends to wish less color, while strawberry blondes need more upkeep.”

For dark/ light blonde: “Depending on the tone of hair—consider silver-blondes or very pale white—glosses are inclined to be done more incessantly.”

For Darker hair: Javier says dark tones “can get away with coloring hair less often.”

To work out which gloss is best for you, “You will need to first understand what your priorities are,” says Mondo. “Are you attempting to cancel the heat in your hair and make it ashier? Attempting to go darker? If that’s the case, then you definately’re going to wish to go for a coloured gloss that has the specified result you are searching for. Nevertheless, in case your only desire is so as to add shine and make hair look healthier, then a transparent gloss is great for you.”

How often must you gloss?

Javier says that your glossing cadence is determined by how complicated the colour is, but every 4 to 6 weeks is an excellent rule of thumb. “The more you gloss, I think you hold the next standard to the colour,” Javier claims.

How long does a hair gloss last?

“[The treatments] last a few month, using color safe-conditioner and using cooler temperature water keeps the colour in longer,” says Javier. Generally, salon glosses will last a bit longer. “In the case of doing a transparent gloss at home, typically they’re semi-permanent while within the salon they’re typically demi-permanent and mixed with a developer. Demi-permanent glosses or glazes can last more because they penetrate barely into the hair whereas an at home gloss lays on top of the hair,” says Mondo.

Are hair glosses treatments damaging?

Quite the alternative! Hair glosses not only improve the looks of hair health through improved shine and hydration, but most also include ingredients that nourish weak or damaged hair.

Are you able to gloss your hair at home?

Yes! “You’ll be able to definitely get an important glossing treatment at home,” says Mondo. “It is a fairly easy process, especially when using a transparent gloss. All it takes is a fast wash of your hair, then apply the gloss and rinse it after about 20 minutes or as directed. It’s foolproof and as easy as using traditional hair conditioner. I like to recommend our XMONDO Super Gloss since it has incredibly useful ingredients.”

“In the case of doing a coloured gloss, the essential difference is that at a salon you are going to get a mixed formula custom to you and applied by an authority. You don’t get that form of customization at-home and you’ll find yourself with a more generic color.” But, while you use the best at-home product, “You may notice an enormous increase in shine and strength in your hair post-treatment.”

super glossGloss Color-Depositing Hair Conditioner

TRESemmé Gloss Color-Depositing Hair Conditioner

Glaze for Beautiful Color

Oribe Glaze for Beautiful Color


Meet the Experts

Brad Mondo is a star hairstylist, influencer, and founding father of the haircare line XMONDO.

Lucille Javier is a Recent York-based colorist on the Mark Ryan Salon.

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