Every thing We Know About ‘Ginny & Georgia’ Season 3

Season two of Ginny & Georgia was released on Netflix this week and it’s already trending on the streaming service. The show is about an enthralling mom and her beautiful daughter, who she had at a really young age, and their move to a recent town. Romance and crime abound.

Fans are already wondering if there is a season three on the best way. Here’s all the pieces we all know to this point. Warning: spoilers for season two ahead.

Has Ginny & Georgia been renewed for season 3?

The show’s opening weekend popularity looks good, however the TV landscape is definitely uncertain today. Considered one of the series’ showrunners, Sarah Lampert, told Deadline, “No, there’s been no talks with Netflix about Season 3. They’re very regimented about how they do things. So there’s very much a technique in place where I believe we’ll drop it, after which we’ve got to attend to see the way it does and if we’re going to see Season 3 but I definitely hope we do since it’s going to be a wild ride.”

The show’s creators have said in older interviews that they planned a story arc across 4 seasons, with a culmination at the tip of the fourth. Let’s hope they get it.

What is going to season three of Ginny & Georgia be about?

Season two ends with Georgia being arrested moments after officially being wed to Paul at their wedding, charged with murdering Cynthia’s husband, Tom. Ginny and Marcus are split up over again, and there is still an advanced relationship between Georgia and Austin. In the identical interview with Deadline, Lampert said she thinks the writers did an excellent job of organising the tensions of season three.

“I believe we’ve arrange lots of really great possibilities within the sense that, just playing out hypotheticals, if Georgia is being charged with this crime, we’ve got Zion, he’s Ginny’s dad, we’ve got Gill in the image now,” she said. “I believe previous to this, he had no probability at custody because he was a convicted felon but who knows now, and we’ve got Paul, who’s the stepdad. Now we have so many golden possibilities for storytelling based on how wealthy these characters are, and based on what number of surprises we wish to throw into Season 3 that I’m being coy about but we do have it planned out.”

Lampert’s co-creator and showrunner Debra J. Fisher told The Wrap, “We all know where Season 3 begins and ends and we all know the tip game.”

Season one ended with the mother-daughter duo and most other relationships getting broken apart, and Fisher says season two was about bringing them together again.

“This whole season we’ve been bringing Ginny and Georgia back together. And so Ginny, Georgia and Austin — the three of them — at the moment are a unit,” she said. “They’ve gotten past the murdering. They’re together. Ginny’s so helpful in making this wedding occur, they’re united against Gil, and nevertheless, on the very end we tear them apart. We love telling these layered stories and it’s the most effective part about doing a drama where you’ve all these balances. As soon as you get them together, here comes something else down the road that’s going to tear them apart, and that’s considered one of the size and the way our show is so layered. It just works in such a stupendous way. I like the best way the season ends.”

Who will return to Ginny & Georgia season three?

One of the best guesses for which are the leads — Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry. Also Scott Porter as Mayor Paul Randolph, Alex Mallari Jr. as Detective Gabriel Cordova, Sara Waisglass as Maxine, Nathan Miller as Zion, and Diesel La Torraca as Austin.

Aimée Lutkin is the weekend editor at ELLE.com. Her writing has appeared in Jezebel, Glamour, Marie Claire and more. Her first book, The Lonely Hunter, will probably be released by Dial Press in February 2022.

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