Every part We Know About The White Lotus Season 3

Spoilers ahead for The White Lotus season 2.

The White Lotus should have the perfect PR team within the hospitality business: Despite an ongoing string of murders on the resort collection’s luxury hotels, guests are still booking additional stays. Before The White Lotus season 2 even reached its conclusion, HBO greenlit a 3rd season—and there’s a minimum of some probability Jennifer Coolidge’s character could make an appearance from beyond the grave. The season 2 finale saw the tip of Tanya McQuoid-Hunt due to a twisted combination of failed assassination attempt, concussion and drowning, but showrunner Mike White stays as attached as ever to Coolidge’s character.

Beyond that tempting nugget, there’s little else we learn about season 3, leaving loads of room for speculation. Let’s break down the breadcrumbs now we have up to now.

Has production on The White Lotus began?

Season 1 debuted in July 2021, with season 2 hitting HBO in October 2022. Production has yet to start on The White Lotus season 3, however it seems possible that the following chapter will follow the same year-long timeline—meaning we may very well be watching one other season by the tip of 2023.

Where will season 3 of The White Lotus happen?

Death is more likely to trail The White Lotus guests across international borders, but don’t expect that to stop them from stamping their passports. Showrunner Mike White has already hinted that season 3 would branch out from previous locales—Hawaii and Sicily, respectively—for a wholly recent spot.

“We just turned in our last episode to the network yesterday, so it’s hard to think in regards to the next race,” White told Deadline in October. “But when we did, I believe it’d be fun to possibly go to an entire different continent. You realize, we did Europe, and possibly Asia, something crazy like that, that might be fun.”

What’s going to season 3 of The White Lotus be about?

The third season will follow a recent group of guests, just because the season 1 solid passed the baton for season 2. In a post-finale interview on HBO, White teased that the third season will concentrate on, well, death.

“The primary season sort of highlighted money, after which the second season is sex, and I believe the third season, it might be a satirical and funny take a look at death and eastern religion and spirituality. And it appears like it may very well be a wealthy tapestry to do one other round of White Lotus,” he said.

Francesca Orsi, executive vice chairman of HBO Programming and head of HBO drama series and movies, didn’t give any specific details in regards to the possible storyline as she announced the season 3 green light, but she did seem enthusiastic about creator Mike White’s vision.

“He’s only continued to succeed in recent heights in season 2, which is the last word testament to Mike’s raw, unparalleled vision,” Orsi said earlier. “His courage to explore the uncharted waters of the human psyche, paired together with his signature irreverent humor and buoyant directing style, have us all dreaming of more vacation days on the resort we’ve come to adore. We couldn’t be more thrilled to get the possibility to collaborate on a 3rd season together.”

Who will appear in season 3 of White Lotus?

Season 2’s solid was entirely different than season 1’s, with one notable exception: the incomparable Coolidge. Given White’s attachment to Tanya—and his personal adoration for the actress playing her—it seemed possible the showrunner would bring her back for one more round. But that not appears to be the case given how the season 2 finale ended. “Jennifer is my friend and everybody loved her in the primary season, and I used to be like, ‘I can’t go to Italy without Jennifer,’” White previously told Deadline. “And possibly that’s still the case. Like, possibly you may’t go to Japan without Jennifer, either. There are such a lot of fun actors we’ve worked with up to now, so it’s just sort of like who’s available?”

In fact, it’s at all times possible White dropped this tease as a red herring, with a purpose to throw audiences off the scent of Tanya’s death within the finale. Still, it’s just as likely he’s being real, and Tanya could appear next season—perhaps in flashbacks.

One other possible familiar face? Season 1’s Connie Britton. In July, she told Deadline, “[White] wanted me to be within the second season, and there was an concept that I loved for the character. Our intention is to do it within the third season. A bit of casting didn’t work within the second season and we’re hoping to [do] that within the third season. I’d like to see a by-product on every character in that show.”

What else has White revealed about future seasons?

For now, the busy showrunner has remained focused on rolling out season 2, but he teased that audiences can expect one thing from The White Lotus, irrespective of the season: Murder. In an interview with NPR, he said that the mystery of who dies has driven a whole lot of interest to the show week after week, so he plans on using the identical formula for season 3.

“It clearly is something that drives interest within the show. People will determine on the conclusion whether it’s satisfying or it feels just device-y, but at this point, I’m excited in regards to the finale,” White says. “As any individual who’s been working within the margins, it’s sort of nice to have viewers.”

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