Does the Apple iPad (2022) have USB-C? What it’s worthwhile to know

The Apple iPad (2022) comes with a plethora of upgrades. It has a landscape front-facing camera, a recent keyboard, upgraded cameras, and more. But you don’t get these upgrades for the reasonably priced price tag of $329 that the bottom model has been for years.

The iPad (2022) ramps up the worth to $449. You’ll expect the Lightning port to be gone, as the bottom model was the one iPad with no USB-C port. So, does the iPad (2022) feature a USB-C port? Here’s the reply.

The iPad (2022) comes with a USB-C port

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You now not have to fumble with dongles to connect an external SSD to transfer your media with the iPad (2022). That’s since the iPad (2022) comes with a USB-C port. It’s a big change from the iPad (2021) — and all baseline iPads before it — which have relied on Apple’s Lightning port.

But it surely’s a tough situation if you must buy the tablet for artistic reasons.

The USB-C conundrum with Apple Pencil

The second-gen Apple Pencil was launched in 2018, but after 4 years, it still doesn’t support the bottom iPad (2022). The newest tablet only works with the first-gen Apple Pencil.

If you happen to remember accurately, the first-gen Apple Pencil consists of a Lightning connector that was used to connect to the iPad (2021)’s Lightning port to charge. But for the reason that recent base iPad has a USB-C port and doesn’t support the second-gen Apple Pencil, you’ll should persist with the first-gen Pencil. And getting it to charge via the iPad is a bit clumsy.

Someone using an Apple Pencil with the 10th Gen iPad.Apple

Apple got here up with an odd solution: a USB-C to Lightning adapter. Plug the tip of the Apple Pencil into one end of the adapter, a USB-C cable into the opposite, after which put the opposite end of the USB-C cable into the iPad to pair and charge the Apple Pencil.

If you happen to buy a first-gen Apple Pencil to make use of with the iPad (2022), this adapter comes included within the box. Nevertheless, in case you buy the iPad (2022) and have already got an existing Apple Pencil you must use, you’ll have to buy the adapter for $9 from Apple’s website.

This USB-C is different from iPad Pro’s USB-C

While that is the primary baseline iPad to return with USB-C, the port is different from the iPad Pro’s offering. The Pro variants include a Thunderbolt/USB 4 port, whereas you don’t get the advantage on the iPad (2022).

For the unaware, a Thunderbolt port gives you higher data-transfer speeds. It also supports as much as two 4K displays on the iPad Pro. The feature is particularly useful for skilled creators who might need to connect their iPad to an external monitor. All of this could’t be done with the iPad (2022).

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