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MONTH OF September

Slightly adventure, a bit of back-to-school! This September inspires you to take a big-picture outlook relating to your goals but in addition to spend a while getting organized. While the Sun is in Virgo and your expansive ninth house through September 22, stretch out of the familiar. Plan a day trip or an extended getaway or dive right into a course of study around a subject that fascinates you. 

Serious about launching an indie business enterprise? The entrepreneurial energy of Virgo season could spark an important idea value testing. And when the Sun moves into Libra and your ambitious tenth house on September 22, you’ll be able to construct those daring visions into something tangible.

Meantime, energizer Mars is making an prolonged trip (from August 20, 2022, until March 25, 2023) through Gemini and your healthy, organized sixth house. This might encourage a fall fitness kick or massive cleanup of your workspaces. How about each? Get your life and vitals back in great shape one Fitbit-tracked pace at a time. 


The journey of ten thousand steps begins with a single one, so please don’t overdo it, Capricorn. All the slow-moving outer planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune AND Pluto—are powered down in retrograde (backward) motion this whole month. Take a 30K-foot view of your big goals and the way the entire puzzle matches together. You could see some opportunities to attach the dots that you just didn’t notice before!

On September 9, communication planet Mercury joins the retrograde brigade, foiling technology, schedules and day-to-day interactions until October 2. You’ll have some obstacles and workarounds to navigate during your Capricorn conquests. Prepare accordingly and also you won’t get frustrated by the inevitable setbacks. Actually, they might be blessings in disguise, helping you avoid a hasty error. 

Think big: It’s Virgo season until September 22

Widen your viewfinder, Capricorn—to the broadest settings possible! The Sun is in Virgo and your ninth house of travel, expansion and risk-taking. You’re able to step out of any restrictive boxes and color outside the lines a bit more. For those who’re still recuperating from summer vacation, there’s no need to depart city limits. Your curious mind is primed for novelty and is wanting to learn. Many Caps will probably be in full-on “back-to-school” mode, signing up for workshops or other mind-expanding and metaphysical outlets. Embrace the bounty of inspiration and soak all of it in!

Mercury is retrograde September 9 to October 2

Hang on…are you sure you’re able to commit? Second thoughts are usually not a foul thing, especially once communicator Mercury turns retrograde from September 9 until October 2. This three-week cycle can disrupt communication, travel and technology, a difficult time to sign contracts or move forward with latest undertakings. Key information could also be hidden, and you may not be seeing things as clearly as you need to.

From September 9 to 23, Mercury will back through Libra and your tenth house of profession, providing you with second thoughts about your skilled path. There might be breakdowns at work—the whole lot from disruptive coworkers and difficult clients to project mismanagement and lost files. Keep supertight tabs on any projects and back up all electronic files to the cloud. Keep earlier versions in case you select to return to an idea or change directions. You possibly can’t be too careful now! Searching for work? An old boss or colleague might be the link to your next gig, since Mercury retrograde brings back people from the past.

On September 23, Mercury will back into Virgo and your worldly ninth house until October 2. For those who’re planning a vacation, especially overseas, be extra diligent about ensuring passports are up to this point (and packed!), and guard against potential security breaches on the road. Inform your bank card company and bank of your plans so that they don’t freeze your card over a “suspicious charge” that YOU make. Arrive early for the airport and check the air in your spare tire if you happen to’re hitting the road. Not that we hope you find yourself needing these precautions, but as your fellow Capricorn Benjamin Franklin said, an oz. of preparation is value a pound of cure.

Big news arrives on the September 10 Pisces full moon

If there’s any day to commune along with your people, it’s the September 10 full moon in Pisces, which is able to beam into your third house of communication and community. Since this falls on a weekend, you would host a gathering—or tell everyone to fulfill at a favourite park or pub. Make the rounds, catch up along with your crew, and do it multi functional fell swoop. Bonus: You may just play superconnector (or Cupid!), introducing a few of your favorite folks to one another. Who knows where that may lead?

With this full moon amplifying your third house of stories, you would receive a call or message that changes the course of events. Have you ever been waiting for a solution for the past few weeks, even months? This might be the day while you finally get the word that lets you move forward or adjust your plans accordingly. Seeking to collab with like-minded allies? Be proactive: Slide into their DMs or reach out via LinkedIn to see about exploring synergies. You never know unless you ask!

Libra season starts September 22, plus the September 25 Libra latest moon

Your profession takes the predominant stage starting on September 22, when the Sun moves into Libra and your tenth house of status, skilled pursuits and leadership. The blue-sky dreaming of Virgo season gives solution to revved-up ambition during Libra season, with clear goals and milestones to map out. 

Since Capricorn is the natural ruler of the zodiac’s tenth house, you are feeling most in your element here. But don’t abandon all those adventurous ideas you got here up with! While you might have to do a scaled-down version for starters (especially while Mercury is retrograde through October 2), keep loads of passion in those practical plans. 

The September 25 Libra latest moon is the right day to make a fresh start around your profession or to get occurring a significant goal. Consider where you’d wish to be six months from now, then reverse-engineer the steps you’ll have to take to perform that. You’ve got this, Capricorn!

Just be careful for an oppositional beam from Jupiter in Aries, which is able to stare down the brand new moon out of your domestic fourth house. A few of your loved ones or personal life demands might be at odds along with your current profession goals. You could have to ask relatives to pitch in a bit of more or take just a few more self-care breaks! 

Late-summer vacation romance, anyone? Romantic Venus, the celestial flirt, is backpacking through Virgo and your worldly, risk-taking ninth house from September 5 to 29. You’re drawn to people quite different out of your usual type—possibly from one other culture or country. And with Venus providing you with the gambling urge, you’re not afraid to refer to someone who might normally intimidate you. You would roll the dice on a long-distance connection or crave the liberty to this point multiple people. For couples, attraction sizzles while you move far out of your comfort zone and take a look at latest things.

But wait…are you able to really let go of all that control? Just as Venus is saying “ooh la la!” and “mais oui,” intense Mars could slam the brakes. The fervour planet is spending the subsequent six months in Gemini and your analytical, micromanaging sixth house. This prolonged trek will last until March 25, 2023, and it could bring out an uptight and significant side of your personality (eek!). 

On September 16, Venus and Mars will lock into an embattled 90-degree square, pulling you between dueling urges to carry on tight and throw caution to the wind. You may feel overwhelmed by all your options, unsure which direction to soak up a relationship. Possibly you jumped into something too quickly and are actually having second thoughts. It’s okay to vary your mind, but don’t drag an unsuspecting person through the method, especially if you happen to’re still unsure.

Give ’em something to speak about, Capricorn! You’re inspired and wanting to share about it because the Sun blazes through Virgo and your adventurous ninth house until September 22. With go-getter Mars in Gemini and your sixth house of organization, you’re wanting to start mapping out plans and moving on them. But with Mercury retrograde September 9 to October 2, it’s higher to take things one step at a time. Use this month to get your plans so as, then go into implementation mode in October. 

Got an idea to pitch? Start sharing about it across the Pisces full moon on September 10, which is able to beam into your communication zone and offer you the gift of gab. Since this full moon falls on a weekend, you may get some advice from a friend over brunch. Listen up: They might have helpful and constructive feedback. You may even feel a synergistic click with someone. Could there be dynamic-duo potential? Test your chemistry with a small project before you go filing that joint LLC or drafting a shared marketing strategy.

On September 22, the Sun starts a four-week trip through Libra, heating up your tenth house of profession and ambition. Break big dreams into bite-sized motion steps and get seasoned support in your ascent from a mentor or expert in your field. The September 25 Libra latest moon opens a latest six-month chapter of your success story. For those who’re not loving your current skilled path, you may resolve to make a pivot! 

The tenth house rules status and recognition. Have you ever been working on a noteworthy project? Submit your work for an award or apply for a fellowship. Anything that supplies credibility and raises your profile might be great now. For those who’re due for a raise, ask for one!

Love Days: 14, 19

Money Days: 25, 7

Luck Days: 24, 5

Off Days: 16, 21, 3

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