Cancer Weekly Horoscope


There’s strength and synergy in numbers, Cancer! And this Monday, August 1, your primary job is to align with the suitable people—AKA folks who share your vision and values. The rationale for this? An ultra-rare connection between go-getter Mars, community-spirited Uranus and the fateful North Node. The trio meets in Taurus, charging up your eleventh house of teamwork, technology and all things futuristic. Put your feelers out…or simply be open. Electrifying collaborations could pop up at every turn. Higher still? Some truly fascinating iconoclasts could single you out for his or her squad. But keep some criteria in place. You’re keen on the renegades, but you’re also a cardinal sign who operates well with agreed-upon rules and structures. The excellent news is, you’re a born leader, so don’t draw back from playing Alpha with a view to get a promising crew to play in an even bigger league.

On Thursday, social Mercury wings into your cooperative, communicative third house. Evaluate your workload. Areas where you’ve been hustling on your personal will get a lift in productivity AND pleasure in the event you invite others to hitch you between now and August 25. Stop reinventing the wheel and team up FTW. And have a have a look at where you spend your free time. The third house rules your neighborhood, making this a effective time to flow into amongst local venues. Who knows? You may discover a coworking space with an important drop-in fee or a boutique that wishes to sell your crafts. Wander around with an open mind and be spontaneous!

The weekend’s stars offer more encouragement to take a leap of religion, whether with a stranger or your partner. Charming Venus is getting a supportive beam from dreamy Neptune in your idealistic ninth house, which could blur a few of your etched-in-stone boundaries. A weekend expedition to an unfamiliar destination could infuse relationships with fresh blood. Even in the event you can’t get away, trying out latest venues and hanging with different people can keep you inspired all weekend—and longer!


But careful about spilling trade secrets (or a mutual friend’s business) on Sunday when sober Saturn in your intense eighth house parks at a difficult angle to Mars. You may discover that your “competitors” have pulled just a few sneaky moves behind your back. Fairly than engage in hand-to-hand (or word-to-word) combat, use this as momentum to step up your game—and your security measures. The Mars-Saturn square could reveal a breach of trust in a current connection. Possibly you said a bit greater than you need to have or complained behind someone’s back in a moment of frustration. Still, you never expected that information to be repeated. Don’t give the gossips any more ammo to make use of against you. Then, make amends with the individuals who you could have hurt, albeit inadvertently.

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