Billie Eilish’s Second Fragrance Is Inspired By…Wetness

The fragrance party will not be over for Billie Eilish. The singer just dropped her second perfume, Eilish No. 2—a scent inspired by rain, darkness, and all things eerie. In case you forgot, the 20-year-old star launched her first fragrance, Eilish, now lovingly called Eilish No. 1, back in November 2021.

Venturing into the world of fragrance was an exciting endeavor for the singer, who has synesthesia, a phenomenon wherein one sense may impact one other (her father and brother/collaborator, Finneas, even have it). For instance, when hearing a song or smelling a certain scent, Eilish may even see a color. “I just have the desire to make so many,” she says relating to making recent fragrances. So we’ll be here, patiently waiting for Eilish No. 3, No. 4., and beyond. Keep reading for more from Eilish.

Why did you must create a second scent, and what were you hoping to evoke with this recent fragrance?

Your second fragrance is all the time such an enormous deal. It’s a number of pressure. I used to be really excited by the complete idea of it and fucking stoked out of my mind. I desired to have Eilish No. 2, whatever it was gonna be, be very inspired by Eilish the unique, and form of like a yin and yang. Not even the alternative, but just, like, a really, very different version of it. Eilish may be very warm and sweet. It’s heavy, it’s really cozy. And [with] Eilish No. 2, I wanted [it] to feel sort of eerie and darker and mysterious and wet. I actually wanted it to feel like rain and water and woods and trees and spices. I knew I wanted it to be wet-inspired, and sort of spicy.


How did you describe your idea to the fragrance lab originally of the event process?

Even originally, I knew that I wanted the water world—that was big, creatively. I used to be like, “Water, water, water.” It needs to be rain, water, and darkness, and blah, blah, blah. “Let’s try it out! Let’s try a bunch of things out which might be inspired by Eilish, but that feel spicy and a little bit bit more gender neutral and probably not as feminine as Eilish.” I don’t feel that Eilish was super feminine, but I wanted it even less feminine than that. With Eilish, I desired to make it in order that anyone could wear it. But much more so with this one. I wanted it to be a distinct sibling to Eilish and just feel just like the darker, more sultry sibling.

eilish no2

Courtesy of Billie Eilish/Glen Luchford

If Eilish No. 2 was one in all your songs, which one would it not be?

Interesting query. I even have a song called “Oxytocin” that feels a little bit bit prefer it, but “Oxytocin” is red in my head, and Eilish No. 2 is metal-colored, like gray. Funnily enough, we made something recently for Eilish No. 2—spoiler alert. I desired to create a little bit thing that goes with Eilish No. 2 that actually highlights the way it feels. And I believe we did that actually well. So when people hear that, then that can go along with Eilish No. 2.

Do you might have a song that you think that goes with the unique Eilish?

By way of the best way that it feels, I even have a song called “Listen Before I Go.” It’s very depressing, but the colour of the song feels very warm and has amber-y tones, which looks like Eilish. If we’re talking concerning the way the lyrics work, possibly the songs I even have called “Halley’s Comet” or “I Love You” work with the heat and the coziness of Eilish.

Was there a selected scent that you just remember from growing up that inspired you to make Eilish No. 2?

Eilish No. 2 is more like my recent years. One thing from my childhood that inspired this one was that I’ve all the time loved the smell of a Christmas tree farm and the smell of the wood and the pine needles, and the sap has all the time really been a sentimental and amazing scent for me. This fragrance really jogs my memory of being at a Christmas tree farm with my family. I don’t think Eilish No. 2 smells like Christmas, however it has this sense to it that just really jogs my memory of that woodsy family feeling.

Eilish No. 2 can be available to buy at in mid-November.

Emily Burns is the assistant beauty editor at ELLE Magazine. When she’s not writing, she’s probably drinking an Aperol spritz and cuddling along with her cat Wednesday….or scheming date Pete Davidson.

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