Aries Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 19 – 2 5, 2022

Here’s a PSA only for Aries: Get able to ditch the lone-wolf act and begin casting for “attractive opposites,” whether for romantic, creative or business purposes! This Thursday, September 22, the Sun blasts out of Virgo and your sixth house of labor and repair and into romantic Libra and your seventh house of committed partnerships. From now through October 23 (a minimum of!), this solar energy surge will sweep suitable candidates into your field. That’s the simple part. From there, YOU get to make your mind up who’s the precise fit for the “project.” Single Rams will find their calendars filled with all the things—except quiet downtime. Should you’re in a relationship or have a solid collaborator, you should use this golden month to go deeper within the connection, dialing up the authentic conversation AND the vulnerability. A superb friend or confident lover tells you what you’ll want to hear, not what you WANT to listen to.

Partnerships of all manner, from romance to finance, can profit from this type of (tactful, compassionate) honesty—and grow more serious! What’s the subsequent step for the 2 of you: an exclusivity clause, bling for the ring finger, or possibly a joint investment? Slow, regular steps within the direction you desire WILL get you there!

Thoughts could also be squarely on twosomes, but when there’s one last work project or health matter to be handled, you’ll get a rare second probability starting this Friday. Meticulous Mercury, which has been retrograde in Libra since September 9, slips back into Virgo and your sixth house of duty, service and wellness for the rest of the retrograde, until October 2. It’s not too late to get more serious about adopting a cleaner, greener lifestyle. Nobody’s saying you’ll be able to never eat one other donut; just relegate them to “special treat” category as a substitute of every day go-to. Regular movement is nice to your metabolism, your mood—AND it gets your chi flowing! Plus, honoring the hard-working spirit of the sixth house, exercise will power up your brain and result in increased productivity. Now, there’s a win-win!


But ultimately, Ram, love wins! And it’s best to get firsthand evidence of that as soon as this Sunday, when the 12 months’s only Libra recent moon powers up your partnership zone and offers a romantic reboot for the remaining of the 12 months—and beyond! Recent moons plant seeds that may sprout almost instantaneously, so whatever next step you’ve been hoping to soak up a key relationship may speed up of its own accord. These moons can take as much as six months to unfold, so cool your Aries jets and permit things to develop organically! Should you’re in a union, let your S.O. know what’s in your heart—or be the one to make a “what’s next” proposition. But with communicator Mercury retrograde, you don’t wish to blurt this out of the blue. Find the proper moment, or a minimum of a very good one, to softly broach the topic of a key exchange, moving in together or whatever you’re considering. Unattached? Here’s a great moment to reflect on just how seriously you truly WANT a partner. Your indifference may explain the shortage of successful suitors.

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