Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF June 27 – July 3, 2022

Got a serious financial matter looming over you? Make haste tying up loose ends before Tuesday in case you possibly can! Foggy Neptune commences its annual five-month retrograde in Pisces and your second house of labor and income that day, which could earn money a little bit funny. (And never within the LOL type of way.) Hopefully you’ve socked away enough funds to drift you thru the summer—and possibly even have some leftover for fun opportunities that crop up spontaneously. But the actual opportunity this backspin presents is the possibility to press pause on mindless spending—and where you is perhaps wasting extra money than you realize—and hit reset in an attempt to determine fiscal stability. Even when you’ve a transparent goal to get on more solid footing, with dreamy Neptune spinning backward, you will have to learn a pair lessons the proverbial hard way. For those who can’t tighten the belt to the degree needed, not less than you’ll be able to change into undeniably aware of your patterns and unconscious habits. Neptune shall be in your second house from 2012 to 2025, and each retrograde (this 12 months, until December 3) can allow you to get a greater grasp of what you truly desire.

In a while Tuesday, the 12 months’s only Cancer recent moon lands in your sixth house of healthy living, service and organization. Which of those areas could stand a reboot? (What’s that? All of them, you say?) Well, have at it, Aquarius! Latest moons are related to fresh starts, so even in case you’ve been on a rose bender and haven’t journaled in weeks, you’ll be able to turn it throughout starting now. But for best results, go at it systematically. Set a couple of goals for the way you’d prefer to shift your lifestyle, after which reverse-engineer steps you’ll be able to take to get there before the December holidays. (Latest moons’ sphere of influence can stretch to 6 months.) But make a degree of looking forward, not backward—so no beating yourself up for past “transgressions.” The key to staying motivated is specializing in your specific—and positive—objectives, like training for a 5K race or eating in your blood type. (Negative motivation, like “lose X kilos,” often won’t result in lasting change.) What medical appointments have you ever been (endlessly) procrastinating on? Commit to creating them in the approaching two weeks, peak manifesting time for this lunation. And in case you’re single, you may have a serendipitous encounter after a workout or bike ride (or any healthy activity), so stay alert to intriguing overtures!

Loose lips could sink greater than imaginary ships on Friday, when the co-rulers of intense Scorpio lock right into a tense alignment, possibly triggering an outburst that catches everyone, yourself included, by surprise. When unedited Mars in your communication center smashes into shadowy Pluto in your unconscious twelfth house, you won’t give you the chance to predict (let alone control) WHAT comes out of your mouth. This annual collision can bring up buried feelings and spark anger, never combination. As a cool-headed air sign, you often do an admirable job of keeping a lid on emotions like resentment and jealousy, yet this provocative pairing might be overwhelming. Mars barreling through blunt-edged Aries and your communication center alone might be brash, and with Pluto throwing a match on that pile of tinder, all bets are off. So to the degree possible, plan to chop known button-pushers an additional wide berth today!

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