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Time to declutter your life, Aquarius! The Sun is in Cancer and your sixth house of health, organization and systems until July 22. You’re pumped to get your day-to-day affairs and wellness into fighting shape. This analytical cycle is an ideal time for strategic or detailed work. Your critical considering skills are sharp, but be warned: So is your critical eye. Catch yourself before delivering any scathing feedback. Keep it constructive!

One more reason to do some sorting and sifting? Neptune, Pluto and Saturn are retrograde, setting off a thoughtful summer. And on July 28, expansive Jupiter joins the retrograde parade, reversing through Aries and your third house of communication, kindred spirits and concepts. You may revisit a back-burnered project or slow your roll with a fast-moving collaboration.

No need to worry about this retrograde summer, Aquarius: The slow-moving outer planets, which span from Jupiter to Pluto, go retrograde for 4 to 5 months every 12 months. Consider it as a mindfulness retreat, a probability to step back and be more strategic. 


Has a situation reached a crucial turning point? The July 13 full supermoon in Capricorn touches down in your twelfth house of healing and conclusions. Chances are you’ll be able to close the door on one chapter so you possibly can open one other one.

And which may occur before you’re thinking that! On July 22, the Sun moves into Leo and your seventh house of committed partnerships, setting off a month of dynamic duos. The Leo recent moon this July 28 could initiate a crucial chapter for pairing up in love, business or each.

When changemaker Uranus and the karmic north node connect on July 31, changes could arrive on the house front. Prepare for some shifts to your living situation or family structure. If you happen to don’t love where you reside or want more work-life balance, this rare aspect could make some fast adjustments!

Cancer season gets you healthy and arranged

After a fun and possibly hedonistic June, you’re able to bring some order back to your lifestyle. The Sun is in Cancer and your sixth house of health, fitness and organization until July 22. Ramp up the self-care by loading up on a bounty of summer produce and getting regular exercise. 

Watch out about taking over greater than you possibly can humanly handle as too many irons in the hearth may lead to a meltdown (and totally get in the way in which of a summer vacation). If you happen to start a workout program or revamp your weight loss plan, pace yourself. This perfectionistic energy could send you to extremes or make you accident-prone on the gym. Prevent strained muscles by taking time to stretch.

The sixth house rules helpful people, and it’s time to ask for help. You may hire a savvy service provider and replace those who aren’t getting the job done. Call in some helping hands to wind up those tasks and projects which were hanging over your head, like constructing bookshelves, steam-cleaning the couches, painting. Don’t wait—delegate!

Power struggles erupt on the July 1 Mars-Pluto square

Swimming with sharks? An undermining person could possibly be in your midst this July 1 as assertive Mars in your communication house clashes with manipulative Pluto in your twelfth house of hidden enemies. Watch your personal blunt delivery, too. Before you pontificate on an excellent idea or commentary, take the temperature of your audience. If you happen to sense that somebody’s not totally trustworthy—or in your side—consider keeping your opinions under wraps, at the least partially. A coworker is perhaps overly critical attributable to their very own self-doubt. If you could have to speak through a conflict, avoid lashing out since tempers could flare suddenly.

Endings and transitions on the July 13 Capricorn full supermoon

Let go and give up! On July 13, the 12 months’s only Capricorn full supermoon illuminates your twelfth house of rest, release and escape. This could possibly be a strong healing day but additionally a time for closure. This realm rules endings and hidden agendas, and the complete moon may expose a deal breaker or offer you the courage to go away a painful situation. If you happen to’ve been attempting to force and control a situation (to no avail), give up and let the universe co-pilot.

Manage your feelings on the July 19 Sun-Pluto opposition

On July 19, the Sun is precisely opposite power-tripping Pluto in Capricorn and your twelfth house of illusions, closure and forgiveness. Pluto rules the unconscious, and on this hazy zone, an intense personality could show up, perhaps acting as a mirror or a messenger. Reasonably than rage at them, have a look at how they is perhaps revealing some a part of YOU that should shift. It’s also possible that you just’ll need to arise to a bully, for once and for all. Stay alert for individuals who gaslight you or make you second-guess yourself. This eclipse could possibly be the primary indication of who not deserves a spot on Team Aquarius.

Chiron turns retrograde in Aries July 19

Time to vary your mindset? Today, “wounded healer” comet Chiron turns retrograde in trailblazing Aries and your communication house. You don’t hear quite a bit about Chiron, but when it makes a significant move like this, its influence will be significant. Consider this a probability to judge how confident you’re authentically expressing yourself. Do you’re feeling like you could have to dim your sensible, eclectic light around certain people? And in that case, why? These next five months are an ideal time to explore this—and to practice speaking only out of your heart.

Leo season (until August 22) and the July 28 Leo recent moon

Save your energy for folk who truly know what mutual give-and-take is all about. On July 22, the Sun starts a four-week visit to Leo and your partnership zone, putting the highlight in your closest relationships. You may determine to make things official in a romantic or business relationship, especially on the July 28 Leo recent moon. Someone you meet near this date could turn right into a much larger influence in your life than you expect! No have to rush, though: recent moons unfold over a period of six months. Take your time, but DO explore something that seems like it has long-term potential. For partnered Aquarians, this recent moon starts a fresh chapter in your relationship, letting you start on a clean slate! 

Jupiter turns retrograde July 28

Did you place an idea on the backburner that deserves some attention now? On July 28, expansive Jupiter goes retrograde (backward) in Aries and your third house of communication, helping you be more mindful about where you direct your attention. While Jupiter is retrograde through November 23, one among your stalled projects could have a moment. Use this time to reconnect to what really lights you up intellectually, Aquarius. This may additionally mean taking a break from social media or oversharing to your mates. So that you can get in contact together with your innermost thoughts, it’s vital to chop out among the online static and distractions.

While your wildly creative and witty sign knows how one can think in your feet, it’s an excellent period to be more discerning overall so that you just don’t waste precious time. That features the corporate you retain. If friends have been draining or just not in your wavelength, don’t feel bad about taking some space. Time is money, in any case. An old colleague, neighbor or kindred spirit could resurface, or a sibling might figure into events for the remainder of summer. 

Changes on the house front on the July 31 Uranus-north node meetup

On July 31, changemaker Uranus and the karmic north node will make a rare conjunction (meetup) in Taurus, sending shockwaves through your fourth house of home and family. You may suddenly determine that you ought to move to a wholly recent location or gut-renovate your private home. If you happen to’ve been biting your tongue with a member of the family, especially a female-identified one, you’ll be unable to carry yourself back.

Uranus is your ruling planet, and also you’ll be particularly impacted by this unusual cosmic alignment, which hasn’t happened since 2007 (and even then, it was in a unique zodiac sign). Stay open to messages from the universe and listen to strong feelings and “signs” as July wraps up. There’s no harm in exploring your options, even when the chance comes completely out of the blue. Under these skies, it’s more likely to occur like that.

Let the summer loving begin! Until July 17, love planet Venus is in Gemini and your passionate fifth house. It is a time for fun and exploration, and also you’ll be a magnet for admirers with the cosmic coquette playing Cupid on this flirty, frisky zone. For partnered Aquarians, it’s a time to bring more spirited, joyful energy into your relationship and switch up the warmth. Book some dynamic date nights. During this Venus phase, the couple that plays together stays together!

That’s to not say you possibly can’t get cozy and emotional. On July 5, lusty Mars moves into regular Taurus and your domestic quarters until August 20, which could keep you planted at Chateau Aquarius for a giant chunk of the following six weeks. This may turn up the dial in your already tender emotions. You may additionally be inspired to be more upfront about your feelings. 

Mars on this placement can speed up the timeline to maneuver in together, get pregnant or meet one another’s families. For longtime couples, it’s a time to speak about an actual estate investment, family plans or to entertain together at home. Stressful Mars can turn up the strain at home, so in the event you end up fighting and bickering greater than usual, dress up and get out of the home! Cue Venus in Gemini: Here’s an incentive to get out for those fun date nights in the primary half of the month.

In case your checking account starts to groan under the load of those tequila and tapas tabs, fear not: Venus will pivot into Cancer and your sixth house of excellent clean fun and healthy living on July 17. Couples could also be inspired to tackle a wellness mission during this transit, which lasts until August 11. Put something healthy within the Easy Pot or book an activity date as an alternative of going out for a heavy meal and drinks. Or you would possibly bond over more quotidian activities, like hammering out a Q3 budget or organizing reams of paperwork. Single? Decelerate as an alternative of rushing! Linger over a post-workout juice—and chat up the person on the neighboring stool. Be careful for self-criticism, a possible pitfall of the perfectionistic sixth house. Stay busy to avoid getting mired in negativity!

The Sun is in Cancer and your sixth house of organization and productivity until July 22, an ideal time to get your work life in shape. Concentrate to the main points and check the whole lot over twice. Little touches go a good distance in helping you stand out. Be meticulous with budgets, timelines and anything you place in writing. Glossing over a seemingly small contract stipulation could come back to bite you, for instance. Give it one other look!

With motivator Mars in Taurus from July 5 to August 20, your private home could possibly be a hotbed of business inspiration. Get to work on that cottage industry (Etsy shop, anyone?) or arrange your private home office for optimum productivity. 

When the Sun moves into Leo for a month this July 22, partnerships take priority. No have to do all of it by yourself, Aquarius. You can forge a dynamic duo with someone whose skills complement yours to a tee, especially on the July 28 Leo recent moon. You is perhaps offered a contract or probability to hitch forces. But tread calmly since risk-taker Jupiter turns retrograde that very same day. Ask every query vital and leave no stone unturned!

Love Days: 24, 28

Money Days: 9, 17

Luck Days: 6, 15

Off Days: 26, 4, 13

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