All About Zack Bia, Olivia Rodrigo’s Boyfriend of a Few Months

Ahead of the 2022 Met Gala, Olivia Rodrigo sparked dating rumors again when the singer was seen out in Recent York City with 25-year-old DJ Zack Bia. A source told E! that the 2 have been spending time together and having “a variety of fun.”

“Zack [feels] that Olivia is admittedly all the way down to earth and he loves how low-key she is,” the source said. “It’s a superb balance between them.”

On June 21, 2022, People confirmed that Rodrigo and Bia were officially dating and had been for months. “They have been dating for the reason that Super Bowl,” a source said. “They really like one another.”

Then, in August of 2022, it was reported that the connection had ended. So who’s Bia and what’s his history with Rodrigo? Here’s all we all know to this point.

Olivia Rodrigo and Zack Bia out in NYC on April 25, 2022.

WavyPeter / News

Rodrigo and Bia began “casually hanging out” in February 2022.

Rodrigo previously dated Adam Faze until January 2022. A month later, Rodrigo and Bia were seen together across the Super Bowl, which took place on February 13. They’ve been “seeing one another” more since then, a source told E!.

“He invited her to Super Bowl parties that he was DJing that weekend and he or she went to support him,” the source said. “They hit it off and have been casually hanging out.”

A source told People on June 21 that Rodrigo and Bia actually began dating at the moment. “They have been dating for the reason that Super Bowl,” the source said.

In April 2022, Rodrigo and Bia were still having “a variety of fun” together and making things work after they can with their busy schedules.

While Rodrigo and Bia travel so much for his or her jobs (Rodrigo, particularly, is on tour), a source told E! they’ve “made the hassle to remain in contact and spend time together when possible,” the outlet wrote.

They mesh well, the source said, adding that “Zack [feels] that Olivia is admittedly all the way down to earth and he loves how low-key she is. It’s a superb balance between them.”

Rodrigo and Bia were photographed together in Recent York City on April 25.

Further fueling romance rumors, Rodrigo and Bia were photographed leaving Bar Pitti on April 25. The photo agency noted that Rodrigo and Bia had frolicked for the past few months, posing together at Rodrigo’s nineteenth party in photos. See the photo of their Bar Pitti outing above.

Rodrigo doesn’t follow Bia on Instagram, but she did like his Valentine’s Day post.

Bia follows Rodrigo on Instagram, but Rodrigo, who doesn’t follow any user, hasn’t returned the favor. She did like his Valentine’s Day post though where he wrote about his February 2022 Complex profile.

olivia rodrigo and zack bia's instagram activity


olivia rodrigo and zack bia's instagram activity


In late June 2022, a source told Those that Bia and Rodrigo very much have feelings for one another.

A source told People simply that the private couple began their romance in February. Now, 4 months in, “they really like one another,” the source said.

Bia previously dated Madison Beer on-off until their March 2019 breakup.

Rodrigo just isn’t Bia’s first high-profile potential partner. Bia was with singer Madison Beer for nearly one 12 months until March 2019. Beer confirmed their split herself on her Twitter and alluded to their being major drama between them in a series of tweets. “Before you diagnose yourself with depression and anxiety ensure you’re not only surrounded by assholes and folks who don’t care about you,” she wrote. She added, “oof i rlly owe myself the largest apology for puttin up w shit i never deserved.”

Bia was born in Recent York and moved to Los Angeles for prime school. He went to USC for school and have become a nightclub promoter while there.

As Bia explained to i-D in July 2020, “My parents are from Paris, but I used to be born in Recent York, and after I was twelve or thirteen I moved to Los Angeles with my mom and brother,” he said. (Bia’s parents got divorced when Bia was 9.) “My mom was a modeling agent and he or she worked in fashion—we did not have a variety of money but I grew up with some really cool stuff. She made me hearken to music, took me to museums, and taught me a lot.”

“After we moved to L.A., it was a bit tougher and I needed to do things for myself,” he continued. “I used to be very lucky though, I used to be sent to a superb public school and after I was 18, by likelihood, I had the chance to work in a club. It was a way that I could start paying for things myself. Through the day, I went to highschool after which I worked at night. I sort of had a double life.”

He credited H.Wood Group owner John Terzian for really making his profession. “I saw him as a mentor, and I became his right hand after I was nineteen,” he said. “We grew stronger together. I showed him the brand new stuff that I believed was cool, he introduced me to his older contacts after which we opened Delilah. That’s when every part modified. Delilah is to LA what Chiltern Firehouse is to London. It is not a club, there’s no who’s-who, no promoters; it was just John and I handling the reservations with our team, and we created a restaurant where people desired to stay after their meals.” (Delilah is a significant celebrity hotspot to at the present time.)

Bia is close friends with a variety of young Hollywood, including Kendall Jenner (who often likes his Instagrams) and Drake.

In his June 2020 GQ profile, the outlet wrote that in Bia’s first club visit at 19, Bia and his friends were invited by Fetty Wap to hitch him because Bia can also be a Gemini and had a birthday that month. “I’m at a table, drinking with Fetty,” Bia recalled. “For me, it is so surreal on the time.” A club promoter thought that Bia could get Wap to return back to the club. That chance opened to door that led to Bia becoming a club promoter himself in L.A. and really constructing a fame for himself and the interest of celebs.

When working at Blind Dragon, “we were bringing these parties back where it was just like the actors, the skaters, the models, the faculty kids, they’re all in the identical party together,” Bia recalled. “That wasn’t how clubs in L.A. were being run. We were just doing it because we thought it was cool, we thought it was fun.”

When Rihanna got here one night, “everyone began showing up,” he said. Of the parties he was known for throwing then on the club, he said, “Kacey Musgraves and Kendall and Kourtney and Kylie are in a booth, while me and Luka [Sabbat] are on the mic and DJing. And Baby Keem and Dominic Fike are on the bar. It’s like, everyone’s there. [And] Drake’s walking within the back.”

Drake and Bia eventually became close friends. “I consider him a giant brother,” Bia said.

Of how he’s capable of construct deep friendships, Bia told Complex in February 2022 that he has a natural desire to grasp everyone. “I even have a real love for checking out how someone grew up: ‘What do they like?’ Oh, shit, we just like the same things! I like piquing real interests, constructing those friendships, and introducing friends to friends. It only gets reciprocated,” he said.

Bia runs his own record label, Field Trip Records.

Bia spoke to Cool Hunting in June 2021 about running the business. “Now we’re experiencing a time where the barrier to entry to the music business is the bottom it’s ever been,” he said. “Anyone can record a song from their lounge and put it out. That over-saturation of music, it’s a superb thing. Now it’s turn out to be, ‘How do you break an artist digitally?’ So there are all these latest challenges that we never even considered since the business was running a technique for thus long.”

“A part of the explanation that we’re build up our own record company is because we don’t need to follow a conventional model,” he continued. “And I feel that’s the chance. We’re not reinventing the wheel here. We’re still putting out music. But yow will discover these non-traditional ways to partner up with artists and empower people in a way that perhaps wasn’t considered before, since it was just so systematic, and so many individuals at the highest were making a lot money. Now that barrier’s been broken.”

“There’s no one which’s going to be more in contact with what’s current than the children which might be actually doing it,” he added. “And we now have artists which might be 17 years old and so they’re essentially the most self-sufficient people I’ve ever seen. I signed this kid when he was 15, and he was doing all this on his own from his bedroom.”

Despite rumors, Bia just isn’t from extreme wealth.

In his interview with Complex, Bia addressed the rumor his father runs Dior. “Anytime I do anything cool or accomplish something, it is going to all the time get knocked as, like, ‘In fact he was capable of do that, his dad does this,’” he prefaced. “But the explanation I haven’t even really talked about my dad is because I even have such a nasty relationship with him that I didn’t need to even speak about him. My dad is a photographer. I don’t even really know where he lives.”

“I’m cool to speak about it now, but it surely’s been so funny because the largest thing in my life has been my single mom raising me, after which me trying to perform things to assist her out,” he added. “She taught me every part and he or she’s such a beast, and the largest knock on me is ‘his dad gave him every part,’ but it surely’s actually the precise opposite.”

With the Dior rumor specifically, Bia’s full last name is Bialobos. “Someone discovered my real last name, Googled it, and saw there was someone who worked at Dior who was distantly related to my dad—like two cousins faraway from my dad’s side—and was not even the top of it,” he said. “But it surely was, ‘Zack’s dad worked at Dior. Or Zack’s dad runs Dior.’”

Zack Bia and Olivia Rodrigo called it quits in August of 2020.

After just over six months of dating, Olivia Rodrigo and DJ Zack Bia have parted ways, Us Weekly reports. There doesn’t appear to be any sort of dramatic reason behind their split, only conflicting schedules and different directions of their lives.

“Their relationship kind of fizzled,” and insider told the publication. “They were casually dating but have not frolicked together shortly. There have been no issues — they each have different work schedules and different friend groups.”

The singer was seen out on Friday, August 19, going to a concert on the Bowery Ballroom with a gaggle of her friends and seemed to be in good spirits.

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