All About Jesse Rutherford, Billie Eilish’s Boyfriend

Billie Eilish has a latest love in her life: The 21-year-old singer was first photographed making out with 31-year-old musician Jesse Rutherford in Los Angeles earlier this yr. On Halloween, Eilish made it Instagram official with Rutherford—and poked fun at those critical of their age gap together with her baby and his old man Halloween costumes.

Eilish went on to speak herself about dating Rutherford in her Vanity Fair Same Interview, the Sixth Yr video. “Yeah, I do [have a boyfriend now]. And it’s really cool, and I’m really excited, and I’m really comfortable about it,” she said in an interview conducted in October 2022.

Dating rumors originally sparked when she was seen out eating with The Neighbourhood vocalist shortly before photos of them kissing surfaced. So who’s Rutherford, and what’s his history with Eilish? Here, all you’ll want to know.

Eilish and Rutherford were first photographed kissing in October 2022.

Days after sparking rumors they were dating because they were photographed at dinner together, Eilish and Rutherford gave their most visible confirmation they’re together when paparazzi captured them making out in Studio City. Per TMZ, the 2 were “embracing, kissing, holding hands and smiling from ear to ear” in photos. The outlet noted that the 2 had been seen out together 3 times in the identical week: first at Halloween Horror Nights, then out on a dinner date, and eventually making out.

Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford kissing in October 2022.


Some fans noted that the 2 were photographed in 2017 meeting, when Eilish was just 15 or 16 years old. Neither has spoken about knowing the opposite before, although some fans expressed concern concerning the two’s 10+-year age gap.

Eilish and Rutherford went Instagram official on Halloween.

Eilish shared a photograph of the 2 together at the top of her Halloween post carousel. Eilish is dressed as a baby, while Rutherford appears as an old man. The costumes are seemingly their way of trolling those critical of their decade age gap. “life is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy🤡 comfortable halloween🎃🥰,” she captioned the post.

billie eilish and jesse rutherford


Eilish and Rutherford made their red carpet debut on November 5, 2022.

Wrapped together in a blanket and decked out in Gucci pajamas, Eilish and Rutherford made their event debut on November 5, 2022 on the eleventh Annual LACMA Art + Film Gala.

billie eilish and jesse rutherford at the 11th annual lacma art and film gala

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin//Getty Images

billie eilish and jesse rutherford

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin//Getty Images

Eilish gushed about Rutherford being her boyfriend in an interview released in November 2022.

Eilish spoke at length about their relationship for the primary time in her Vanity Fair Same Interview, the Sixth Yr video, which was filmed in October and released at the top of November.

“Yeah, I do [have a boyfriend now],” she began. “And it’s really cool, and I’m really excited, and I’m really comfortable about it. I managed to get my method to some extent in my life where I not only was known by a individual that I believed was the most well liked f*cking f*cker alive, but pulled his ass. Are you kidding me? Can we just—round of applause for me? Thanks. Jesse Rutherford, everyone! I pulled his ass—all me! I did that shit. I locked that motherf*cker down.”

Eilish shed a little bit light on their relationship when talking about her love language and what she needs when dating someone. “My whatever they are saying love language is just physical touch,” she began. “I just must be touching skin on a regular basis. Touching and cuddling and hugging and anything skin-related is de facto an enormous thing for me. And apart from that, identical to freedom. You already know, I don’t wanna be controlled. I wanna be trusted, and I wanna find a way to have space, and I need love and a spotlight, and equal admiration is de facto necessary. I just am really inspired by this person [Rutherford], and he’s inspired by me. It’s really cool.”

The couple snuck in a kiss during Eilish’s twenty first party in December.

During a star-studded, Christmas-themed bash on Dec. 18, Rutherford and Eilish stole a kiss before an infinite crowd as they celebrated Eilish turning 21. Musical artist Phem caught the moment on camera and shared it to Instagram, which guest Avril Lavigne and Eilish later re-posted to their Instagram Stories.

billie eilish and jesse rutherford at eilish's 21st birthday party

Instagram @phem/@avrillavigne

Rutherford and Eilish made their Vanity Fair Oscar after party debut in March 2023.

The couple proved their relationship was going strong once they posed on the red carpet together for the heavily-attended post-Oscars bash. They held hands on the red carpet in a subtle show of PDA:

2023 vanity fair oscar party arrivals

Alberto Rodriguez//Getty Images

Rutherford grew up in Newbury Park near Los Angeles and has been in The Neighbourhood since 2011. He acted as a child.

Rutherford spoke to Messed Up magazine in April 2019 about how his life has inspired his music. “I’ll still write about my very own experiences, nevertheless I’ve been attempting to listen more to what other persons are saying, and pay more attention to what style of persons are listening to my music,” he said. “I do know that a variety of women appear to just like the music, together with many others. I grew up with two women only, so it’s really special to me that girls are enthusiastic about our music.”

Rutherford has an older sister who’s an enormous influence on him. “My sister’s about 10 years older than me and she or he is my barometer for truth,” he told Complex in January 2021. “She’s led a special life than me. We have had very different paths, and I’ve questioned that each one the time, why she needed to undergo the things she needed to undergo and yet, I get to do the things that I get to do.”

Rutherford acted as a child, appearing in Life or Something Like It (2002), an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, and more, in accordance with his IMDB page. He addressed his acting past in his Complex interview, saying he began TV acting at age 5 “until I used to be 13, so that is the world that I come from. I have been programmed to be an actor. So once I found out I desired to be a rock star or a musician, I used to be learning that role.”

Rutherford has also done podcasting before, debuting Patients podcast in 2020. As he told Complex of the experience doing it, “After I began doing Patients, I used to be identical to, ‘All right, I will jump and just try,’” he said. “And I do not really promote [the podcast] very much. It’s pretty low key, but with the eye that I already get on the web, the those that really need to listen to it, they find it after which they’ll test it out. It’s just a little bit project that I’m starting, so it seems you get the thought about it. I feel like I’m probably saying it on the podcast rather a lot, too.”

Rutherford and Danny Parra run Therapy Records, a music publisher.

Rutherford spoke to Coup de Essential magazine about going into music publishing in October 2020. “It naturally happened over time,” he recalled. “Danny and I actually have been working with one another for the past six years—he’s been my engineer for some time after which we brought him on for this album [Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones] to provide it with us. This album felt like we finally found our process—we have been trying to find it for a very long time and we tried it with different people and stuff, but for this album, I used to be like, ‘All of us think we all know what we’re doing. Let’s just act like we all know what we’re doing and just do it and not using a producer coming in.”’Not that Danny didn’t produce the record, but it surely was low pressure since it wasn’t like we were hiring some guy and giving them half the album budget right off the bat to try this. It was freer for us to be like, ‘Cool, we get this great album budget, and we will do it. all internally, ourselves. That is exciting, let’s do it.’ Danny has been such an enormous a part of this process. I feel the further we got into it, and the more we realized people wish to be around us, I didn’t want to start out a label. Because, especially nowadays, every kid knows the ins and outs of the record industry. I feel just like the whole latest thing is no one desires to get signed to a label. So with publishing, there’s form of more opportunity. I really like giving people a chance for the primary time, and publishing might be great for that. It doesn’t need to be the most important cheque on the earth, or perhaps for some people, it’s a extremely big cheque. But you are not tied right down to being anything apart from a creative. In the event you got signed to publishing and also you were in a band after which the band broke up, the publishing deal remains to be doing what it does, you’ll be able to go do whatever you would like and be solid in that world. It just gave the look of less pressure, and more about giving people a chance that wish to move to LA and are broke and have no money, but they really need to proceed doing this they usually’re sensible at making music but they simply do not have the means to proceed. I like giving people the chance to find a way to try this. And, fuck the cash part. Just putting people in a room together and writing a song. It’s the good.”

Rutherford debuted an alter ego-like character, Chip Chrome, in 2020.

Rutherford spoke about his chromatic alter music persona in an interview with V in December 2020, calling it an “art project.” Rutherford and The Neighbourhood released an album under the persona, Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones, in September 2020.

“I feel Chip was Jesse’s biggest fan,” Rutherford said of Chrome’s personality. “Chip could be very inspired by Jesse, he jogged my memory of being a child at my mom’s house again. You have got creative vulnerability whenever you’re at home, you can look within the mirror and say, ‘This was pretty cool.’ Before you walk out the door, you could be like, ‘Oh, well, not today. I’m going to placed on my jeans.’ And Chip was a way of being like, ‘Nope, not one other day. You’re doing this shit right the fuck now.’”

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The Neighbourhood – Stargazing (Official Video)

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“I can’t help the undeniable fact that I also desire a reference to humans, because I’m a fuckin’ human and I need to be liked and loved and have attention like everybody else does,” he added. “But principally I like being on the Web for art, and I consider Chip an art project. […] When Chip gets recognized, I don’t feel like I’m getting recognized for me, for being Jesse. I feel like I’m getting recognized for my idea, which to me is attractive. I feel that’s exciting. That’s form of what I need to be here for.”

Rutherford’s relationship with social media is complicated, but he follows Eilish on his account.

The singer deactivated all his social media accounts on his twenty seventh birthday, committing “social suicide,” as he later explained to Complex. “It’s satirical. It’s imagined to be. And if it’s emo in its own ways in which’s good, but it surely’s also imagined to be ridiculous and funny and a commentary on how ridiculous the entire thing is.”

Rutherford’s music persona Chip Chrome has a verified Instagram, although he hasn’t posted since December 2021. Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa follow the account. Eilish doesn’t, but Chrome follows her.

jesse rutherford's chip chrome account following billie eilish

Jesse Rutherford’s Chip Chrome account following Billie Eilish


In January 2021, Rutherford was posting again more sparingly on his Chrome account. “I still struggle with it,” he said of social media generally. “If you’re on the web in any respect and also you’re a part of that flow and also you’re actively participating, it’s hard to not give it some thought at the back of your head. I feel I got to some extent once I was off of it for thus long that it wasn’t even at the back of my head, which was very nice.”

“It was hard, because I’m on it again, I’m high on it again. I got hooked. I went to rehab after which I relapsed and now I’m getting high off of it again, and it’s actually working so I feel as an addict I’d find a way to be like, ‘No, no, it’s cool. I can just have one drink, after which I’m nice,’” he continued. “But I do know that that is not the reality. I do know that my brain is fucked and I began it back up again, but that is a part of the Chip thing and why Chip exists in any respect, because I feel like I must be there and I need to be seen so bad that I will make myself into this thing so you will have to fucking look.”

Rutherford counts Euphoria’s Alexa Demie, Blake Griffin and more amongst his famous friends.

Demie and Griffin appeared in Rutherford’s “Stargazing” music video. Rutherford told V that he had known Demie for years. “[She] was one among the primary people [I] ever really met up with that was an LA person,” he said. Griffin, the outlet called a “major part” of Rutherford’s childhood. V also listed Jaden Smith, Benny Blanco, and Mac DeMarco as being a part of the singer’s friend circle.

Rutherford last dated model Devon Lee Carlson from 2015 to 2021.

Your Tango identified that Carlson sparked breakup speculation in November 2021 when she removed “Jesse’s girlfriend” from her TikTok bio after the couple spent six years together.

Rutherford would speak about Carlson in interviews prior to their split a little bit, together with the eye their relationship got. He struggled with it getting more buzz than his music sometimes. “If you work on a bit of music for a very long time, you post it, and it gets X amount of likes, then you definitely post an image along with your girlfriend and it gets X amount… It’s only a weird, difficult, confusing feeling,” he told Interview in January 2020. “I feel like there’s a chance to get off the platform, or no less than try it this fashion.”

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