All About Chris Evans’ ‘Serious’ Girlfriend, Alba Baptista

On November 10, People’s newest Sexiest Man Alive Chris Evans revealed that he has been dating 25-year-old actress Alba Baptista for at the very least a yr and “it’s serious,” in line with a source, who added,“They’re in love, and Chris has never been happier. His family and friends all adore her.”

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That is all the things about Baptista and their relationship timeline to date.

Who’s Alba Baptista?

The actress is best known for her role on Netflix’s Warrior Nun, her English-language debut.

Baptista is from Portugal and was born in Lisbon. She has starred in several popular Portuguese movies and TV shows, including A Impostora, Filha da Lei, A Criação, and Jogo Duplo. After Warrior Nun, she starred within the 2022 dramatic comedy, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.

Outside of acting, she has a passion for charity work and in 2018, worked at an orphanage in Cambodia specializing in education. She also speaks five languages, including Spanish, French, German, English, and her native Portuguese.

How long have Chris Evans and Alba Baptista been together?

The virtually a yr estimate is partially based on some fan detective work. The couple follows one another on Instagram, though they have not yet gone “Instagram official” by sharing photos of one another. Cosmopolitan reported that Baptista’s mom used the identical pumpkins seen on Evans’ Instagram as her profile photo for the social media platform, tipping off the sleuths. He has also been liking all of Baptista’s photos since October 13, in addition to just a few back-dated ones from July of this yr and August of 2021.

How serious are they?

In his interview for the Sexiest Man issue, Evans didn’t get too specific about who he desired to cool down with, but he did speak about wanting to take things further in his romantic relationships than he has to date.

“That is absolutely something I would like: wife, kids, constructing a family,” Evans said. “Once you examine most of the most effective artists, whether it’s actors, painters, writers, most of them [admit] it wasn’t the work they made [that they are most proud of], it was in regards to the relationships; the families they created, the love they found, the love they shared.”

He continued, “So it is also something through my long 41 years that also rings true. Those things are crucial. I really like the concept of tradition and ceremony. I had quite a lot of that in my life, so the concept of making that—I can not consider anything higher.”

There isn’t any saying it’s with Baptista, but she is the lady in his life straight away.

Aimée Lutkin is the weekend editor at Her writing has appeared in Jezebel, Glamour, Marie Claire and more. Her first book, The Lonely Hunter, might be released by Dial Press in February 2022.

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