Adut Akech’s Version of Utopia Includes “Kindness, Dope Energy, and Good Spirits”

The thought of a summer getaway never gets old, providing a respite from the warmth and letting us (finally) turn off those Slack pings and disconnect. But what a couple of temporary escape from reality? While we anxiously await gyrating on the dance floor to Beyoncé’s latest album, Renaissance, Queen Bee is tiding us over with a latest Adidas x Ivy Park collection, aptly titled IVYTOPIA. Consider it a reprieve from the on a regular basis—a likelihood to unplug from the realities around us and immerse ourselves in our own personal nirvana. Sound tantalizing? We expect so too.


In reality, the gathering is one in all Bey’s biggest yet, with activewear, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and kids. This go-around, there are also serious doses of capital-F fashion in the shape of a reversible crystal bomber and flowy trench coats. An intensive size range and color offering guarantees to let everyone in on the fun; cool khakis and ivory mesh with daring yellows and blues, and a piercing metallic silver delivers serious star wattage. To round all of it out, a floral print injects doses of flirty femininity throughout the gathering, inspiring wanderlust for somewhere botanical.

ivy park adut akech


The corresponding campaign for the gathering features supermodels Adut Akech, Irina Shayk, and Joan Smalls in an empty studio, a blank canvas for the mind to wander and travel. The garments are inspiration enough, and make a daring statement against such a stark background. Akech herself isn’t any stranger to the camera, and the lifetime of a supermodel is one in all constant plane rides, makeup changes, and essentially at all times being on. This hectic lifestyle necessitates an occasional escape, so, inspired by IVYTOPIA, we came upon what calms Akech down, where she goes to get away from all of it, and her favorite pieces from the gathering.

What’s your go-to getaway?

It depends why I want to flee, and where I feel like I want to escape. But where I’m going to flee sometimes is my journal. My journal, my notes, or my rants to my therapist. I also go for walks outside. I’ll work out or do pilates or something—that’s like an escape for me.

When do you usually feel the necessity to escape?

Most days, and I feel like everybody does sooner or later in the course of the day. I feel like you could escape for at the least 10 minutes because life is hectic, and it’s loads. It becomes loads, being around different energies, different people, different environments each day—it’s loads for me personally. No less than once a day, I just go into my little world and are available back.

Are you a large open space person or a closed quarters person?

I’m definitely a large open space person. I feel very claustrophobic. I hate being in tiny, cramped in places. So I like wide open space. Don’t be up in my face! I’m kidding, but I identical to [open spaces] because they permit me more freedom.

What’s the final word freedom to you?

To me, the final word freedom is being fearless and unapologetic. And just doing regardless of the hell it’s that you should do, not caring about anything and just being fearless, baby! To me, that’s truthfully what the final word freedom is: not caring about outside noise and doing whatever your heart and mind is telling you, and that’s it.

Do you have got a favourite piece from the gathering?

A favourite piece of mine is the khaki flowery bodysuit, really high-cut, with a bomber jacket. There are such a lot of pieces that I actually like. I just like the colorways. I just like the designs. So, I even have a few favorites. The blue bodysuit is dope; the leggings and crop top are really cool too.

ivy park ivytopia beyonce adidas


Are there specific colours in the gathering that you just’ve gravitated toward?

The khakis, obviously, and the blues and even the silvers—the silvers are really dope. All of them.

What do you do to unplug?

As soon as I get home from a busy work day or simply a piece day, I don’t take any more calls. Don’t call me after work and don’t message me nothing about work. I’ll call my mom, or call my sister and just speak about other stuff that’s not about modeling, or whatever I’m doing that’s not related to that. And I’m not on my phone as much. I’ll either be doing pilates, cooking, or journaling. Or sleeping.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I’m definitely an introvert until I’m really, really comfortable around people. Then I’m the most important extrovert.

While you’re alone, where does your mind travel to, and why?

A variety of different places. It will depend on what I’m considering [about], like, if I’m homesick as an illustration, my mind is home in Australia with my family. Even once I’m out of town for work, my mind is at home in L.A. It depends where my mind desires to go—it’s just depending on what I’m feeling. If my mind desires to go on a vacation, then I’m mentally there.

Is journaling a part of your day by day ritual?

Yeah, I’m at all times writing something. I’m at all times considering about stuff—my mind is. It’s a beautiful place. I really like writing; I’ve been journaling since I used to be young. I desired to be a teacher and I need to be a journalist. For me, it’s very therapeutic. Whatever’s on my mind, I can write it down and never tell anybody. No person ever has to know, it’s just me and my journal and my notes.

What are two things that you just would require in your version of utopia?

Two things I would want are kindness and dope positive energy. Obviously, life happens, and also you’re not at all times positive each day, but [be] as positive as you possibly can be. I’m very big on energy. So, kindness, dope energy, and good spirits. And just more love on this world.

What’s your natural high?

I believe just being. My natural high is being at home and being in my very own space.

IVYTOPIA is obtainable on today and in Adidas stores worldwide on Friday, June 22.

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