A Streaming Guide to Watching The whole lot In all places All at Once

The whole lot In all places All at Once has emerged as the group favorite film of 2022, pleasing each critics and audiences alike with its lovably bizarre mix of humor, science fiction, motion, family drama, and romance. The resulting buzz around it has put Michelle Yeoh on the pedestal she deserves to face upon, granted Ke Huy Quan a warm and satisfying return to Hollywood, made a rising star out of Stephanie Hsu, and renewed our faith in word-of-mouth film promotion. Very similar to its title suggests, this multiverse-hopping adventure directed by The Daniels really does do the entire things, on- and off-screen.

So it’s hardly a surprise that EEAAO is racking up awards and Better of the Yr recognition. With a number one 11 Oscars nominations across quite a few categories, including Best Picture, the film could stand to win all of it. Yeoh clinched a Best Actress nomination (her first ever!) for her emotional and physically demanding role as Evelyn Wang, a lady attempting to do her taxes for her failing laundromat while juggling her marriage, her relationship together with her daughter, and her own relationship together with her father at the identical time. Quan got his own Best Supporting Actor nod for his performance as Evelyn’s doting husband Waymond, adding to the ever-growing list of trophies he’s received for the film. Finally, each Jamie Lee Curtis and Hsu—who pulled double duty as Evelyn’s daughter, Joy, and nemesis Jobu Tupaki—each grabbed Best Supporting Actress nods for his or her performances.

Awards aside, Yeoh has found the general public’s response to the film just as fulfilling as any accolade. (And it’s definitely given her street cred together with her godchildren.) She told ELLE for our 2022 Women in Hollywood issue:

“Loads of times once I’m doing press, people will say, ‘My parents will likely be very completely satisfied because they know I’m interviewing you.’ I come from an older generation. Nevertheless it’s really with The whole lot In all places All at Once that this generation knows me now. I actually have six godchildren; some are of their early twenties. I can feel the difference. They confer with me on a special level now. It’s suddenly like, ‘Oh, cool. You’re cool. I can relate to you. And my friends think you might be cool, too,’ which is so nice.”

The film hit theaters via A24 almost a yr ago in March 2022, so it might already be time for a rewatch. Thankfully, EEAAO is offered to stream on Showtime and Paramount+. You can too watch it on platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube with a Showtime add-on.

Watch on Showtime

Watch on Paramount+

The whole lot In all places All at Once

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Credit: A24

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